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About Me edit


My Git Repos:


  • Introduced to Linux during a CompTIA A+ class around September 2002
  • Began using Linux regularly in late 2003
  • The first Linux distribution I ever used was Mandrake 9.0 (Linux kernel 2.4.19)
  • Stopped using Windows in 2005
  • Used FreeBSD from 2007 to 2008 and fell in love with Unix systems in general
  • openSUSE user since September 2009 (Just before 11.2 release)
  • Became an official openSUSE ambassador/advocate after SCaLE 9x (February 2011)
  • Worked the openSUSE Booth at SCaLE since SCaLE 9x (2011)
  • Went to openSUSE Summit 2013 in Florida, USA.
  • Organized the openSUSE miniSummit @ SCaLE 13x in 2015.
  • Member of OCLUG and UUASC
  • Registered Linux user 507531 (remember these days?)
  • I believe that ALL software SHOULD be Free Software
  • My favorite FOSS Personality is Bruce Perens

Desktops I Use

  • KDE(My first Linux desktop. Using Since 3.0.3)
  • GNOME ( I hate that I love GNOME 3... but I do)
  • Enlightenment

Favorite Distros

  1. openSUSE Tumblweed
  2. openSUSE Leap
  3. ROSA Fresh
  4. Fedora
  5. Gentoo/Funtoo (This is just too much damn fun to mess with, but I have never actually used Gentoo for getting real work done)


  • Configuration Management & Automation
  • RPM Packaging (learning)
  • Working on Linux, Solaris, & BSD systems
  • working the openSUSE booth at various Linux and open-source events
  • Enterprise Computing using Linux
  • Unix History
  • The openSUSE Project & Community
  • Reading books about computers, personal development, and business
  • Electronics & Gadgets
  • Communications/Networking
  • Watching films
  • Watching Linux & FOSS Webcasts
  • Favorite open source companies: SaltStack, SUSE, RedHat, ROSA


I can read and write some very basic programs in a few languages. The only "language" I know to any real productive level is Shell (ksh93, bash, and zsh). However, I am very, very interested in programming and programming languages. I have never taken a programming course or class, so I have been slowly learning on my own. I frequently play around with programming in the following languages:

  • D
  • Go
  • C#/.NET (.NET Core & Mono (both on Linux only))


  • Email: druonysus@opensuse.org
  • Freenode IRC Nick's: Druonysus & Druonysuse

Contact edit

Drew Adams

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