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openSUSE:Twitter team

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We operate the main twitter account @openSUSE via tweetdeck.


We communicate among each other via the marketing mailing list


Currently the team consists of

How to join

Just tell us via the marketing mailing list, all openSUSE:Members are eligible to join us. Other than that there is no real requirement. Except a twitter account of your own for tweetdeck and passion to spread the word about openSUSE, Linux, Software Libre and our openSUSE:Guiding_principles.

Our teams guiding principles

Liking "technical" or "open-source related" tweets and/or retweeting them are encouraged. If you want to come up with a post, that is fine. If it's technical, that is great. Tweets about the project, answering questions and pointing people to the right resources is really the overall goal; i.e. helping them to help others and the project. Also, posting in other languages is fine.

We want to avoid engaging with negative tweets. Negative meaning disrespectful or trolling. That's not to say we shouldn't respond given the correct circumstances; it just depends on the situation. If someone is frustrated and you can help, please feel free. If someone is complaining, it's recommended to avoid adding fuel to the fire (making it worse). Unless you can provide something meaningful, positive or an actionable tweet to the conversation.

If you feel like you are uncertain about something you want to tweet, talk to your team mates on the mailing list.

I will note that the account is not meant to be used for any political posting. Also during openSUSE board elections, there shouldn't be any favoritism toward liking one candidates post over another.

I think a basic rule we can all live by is "do I believe this tweet, retweet, etc. is representative and accepted by many in the project."

How to change these principles?

The intention here is not to be restrictive but just to point out some basic rules we as a group want to follow. If you want to discuss these rules, add something you think we should also emphasize or remove something, first talk to your team mate on, you guessed it, the marketing mailing list