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Who I am
Im a student from Germany born in 2005 and I like to experiment with Linux and free software in general.
I've been using openSUSE since 2016, as long as I've been using computers and I like to share the fun I have with it. I was in the openSUSE Bar pretty much every day during the covid-lockdown in Germany. Currently not as active as I'd like to be due to me having a lot of school things to do.

I promote openSUSE locally (and on Reddit and stuff) and try to help other users as good as I can, most of the time on Reddit. I maintain the package spotify-qt in multimedia:apps, organize local release partys, do wiki edits from time to time, created the connection between the openSUSE Bar room on Jitsi and Matrix (and wrote a blog post about it:, started the Matrix Bar group and fix an annoying bug on the openSUSE Jitsi instance ( I moved some old wiki entrys about old releases to Archive: and created the Bar Wiki entry. I try to get my open source Telegram group manager into the openSUSE groups to enable global bans and easier moderation. I provide feedback to an IT consultant at schools to streamline Linux in education. I also brought dnf support to opi (#58).

You can find my contact information on

My membership request got accepted, so there is no need for endorsements anymore. Anyhow, I'm keeping these endorsements for historical reasons. Thank you to everyone who gave me one! I fully support KaratekHD's request for membership of this community. He's one of the people that make our future. KaratekHD should have the membership of this community because he is enthousiast young boy and help us to grow the visibility of the openSUSE bar ( ).

I'm taj (Emily) from the openSUSE bar, discord and matrix. I believe that KaratekHD should have membership in this community. He's clearly a valuable member of it, having done a lot to promote openSUSE both online and off, and continues to help it grow in many ways.

renegadext I have had the pleasure of meeting Jens recently in the openSUSE bar via Matrix/Element. His kind demeanor, ability to problem-solve, and determination would be a huge benefit to the openSUSE community. Jens has provided me an invaluable insight into how Linux could be better utilized in the educational spectrum. Please consider Jens as community member of openSUSE, we as a community can greatly benefit from his contributions. - (renegadext/Bill)