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About Me edit

I started with linux way back in the dark ages with Yggdrasil Linux, then Slackware, before moving on to MkLinux and YellowDog (as I was a Mac User primarily, and had all PPC hardware), as well as Debian. With the release of OS X (and the aquiring of newer hardware, capable of running it) I stepped away from linux for a few years, until Apple started making OS X less and less the BSD based OS it had started as. At that time, I came back to linux with #! 11 and Linux Mint Debian Edition, and then switched to Fuduntu, and became involved in that project, as a general bugsquasher, team member, and KDE maintainer. With the decision to sunset Fuduntu with the 2013.1 release, I, along with some of the Fuduntu team members made the decision to start Cloverleaf Linux, as an openSUSE based distribution. Due to some factors, as well as the excellent support and environment provided by the openSUSE community, the decision was made by the Cloverleaf team in mid 2013 to stop development of Cloverleaf as a seperate project, and instead concentrate our efforts on contributing directly to openSUSE. Since that time, I am involved in the following openSUSE projects:

Developer/Maintainer/Team Member for KDE:Unstable:SC. Maintainer for Dracut, and Lead Developer for the Bodega Appstore on openSUSE