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About Me edit

Hi! My name is Thomas Schmidt (, and I am a member of the openSUSE Boosters Team. I am working on openSUSE infrastructure tools such as openFATE, wiki, Hermes, Buildservice ...

Before joining the Boosters Team, I was working on SUSE Studio, and on internal infrastructure projects such as FATE (feature tracking) and SWAMP (Workflow management). In 2004 I wrote my diploma thesis about developing the "SUSE Workflow Administration and Management Platform" SWAMP (Swamp, [1]) and the integration of SUSE's Maintenance-Process into it.

Packages in the openSUSE Build Service:

  • BugzillaClient A perl library for accessing
  • dbxml XML Database
  • SXKeeper Server for storing XML documents, used as backend for FATE
  • SWAMP builds from the release and development branches

I'm also working on the following topics: