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SWAMP - Workflow Administration and Management Platform

SWAMP is a workflow processing platform. Workflows are processes with many people involved in many working steps. In a real world scenario these workflows are highly dynamic, but still many systems try to hardcode the business logic. That leads to raising efforts to adapt the system.

Here is where SWAMP steps in: The workflow is designed in a XML based meta language in one file which is read by SWAMP. Workflows can be built from different workflow 'patterns' like simple actions, decisions, selections, loops, but also custom code if required.

SWAMP builds a sophisticated Web GUI automatically from the workflow definition file. It guides different users through the whole process, sends notifications if required, assembles overview pages over all running processes and much more. Altough the web app is running fully automatted (you do not have to program it ;) it is still highly customizeable.

For more information and downloads, please visit our project homepage. Do not forget to join our mailinglist hosted on sourceforge.

SUSE previously used SWAMP to manage various workflows, including maintenance updates. It is no longer in use for major products.

SWAMP Related Work

SWAMP was participating in Google's Summer of Code 2006. A student started working on a GUI workflow editor. This project is looking for active developers.

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