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Marketing is fun - if you like to join us, here are some ideas.

Marketing jobs and tasks seeking volunteers

If you're interested in giving your time to openSUSE Marketing Team initiatives, this is the page to stay informed. Bookmark or "watch" this page to receive automatic notifications.

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Open Jobs

openSUSE Shop Maintainer

  • Work in collaboration with Douglas DeMaio to review current state of Shop
  • Review current merchandise offerings. Good or need to change?
  • Develop ideas and opportunities for marketing the Shop worldwide
  • Contact person: ""

Wiki Maintainer

  • Verify relevant content from old wiki is moved to new wiki
  • Make sure pages are up to date
  • Make sure structure is good and easy for people to find pages.
  • Contact person: Please use opensuse-marketing mailing list.
  • Already working on this: Matt Hayes and manugupt1

Social Networking Documenter

  • Keep track of various social network accounts used to promote openSUSE
  • Revise old SocNet page to something more current and relevant.
  • Document best practices for utilizing social networks to promote openSUSE
  • See also new SocNet page created by Andreas Jaeger
  • Contact person: Please use opensuse-marketing mailing list.

Marketing Liaisons

See Marketing Liaison tips for more information.

  • GNOME Team Liaison
  • KDE Team Liaison
  • SUSE Studio Liaison
  • Contact person: Please use opensuse-marketing mailing list.

openSUSE Distribution Marketer

We need a team for doing distribution marketing. The goal is to publish release announcements, marketing messages and highlight specific features of a release.

So, we need:

  • experts that collect cool new features - this can be done as part of the liason team for specific areas of the distribution
  • editors that write an announcement
  • moderators that create messaging for a release, e.g. top three features
  • editors that write about specific features
  • Contact person: Andreas Jaeger

openSUSE Build Service Marketer

  • Sascha interviewed a couple of users of the openSUSE Build Service, these interviews need to be published in edited form.
  • Contact person: Andreas Jaeger

Write HowTo for install fests

See the install fests information for existing content and enhance it to a full HowTo.

Creation of marketing material

Check the list of for existing material and enhance it.

Creation of demo support material

For existing material check the product demos.

We need the following as well:

  • Scripts for demos
  • tips and tricks on how to demo things/what to demo; eg example demonstrations on youtube and planet
  • openSUSE Online Demo System (just like Novell Online Demos System and this one
  • openSUSE Ambassadors demos not only for openSUSE release, but also for openSUSE variants, like Edu li-f-e, OBS,

Presenter Training

This is support for ambassadors and others that will give an openSUSE presentation.

Create tips and tricks on how to be an effective presenter, recording our presentations and asking for our mates opinion, also we can create some videos templates for Ambassadors. Novell provides good presentations on-line training service, maybe we can start to use it.

Writing for Magazines

There are requests by several magazines and websites like, Linux Journal, LWN and Linux Magazine for articles about openSUSE topics. If you want to write an article, get in touch. There are plenty of possible topics, you can provide one but also ask for ideas. Some of the sites and magazines pay, others don't.

Smaller jobs - generating content

  • Many of the jobs above contain smaller tasks, please review them as well.
  • to help out our marketing efforts, help us create Marketing materials
  • To help spread the word on openSUSE, take an idea from Article Ideas and write an article, or add ideas.

Assigned Jobs

Write HowTo for booth setup

  • Assigned to Terrorpup

See openSUSE:Events#Booth Booth information for existing content and enhance it to a full HowTo on how to setup a booth.