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This is the public meeting of the openSUSE Marketing Team

Next meeting

Proposed Agenda for 16-August-2011 Meeting

  1. Conference promotion (15 minutes)
    1. News Team organization
    2. Review of Marketing related sessions to attend
    3. Other stuff
  2. Software Freedom Day (10 minutes)
  3. Social Media Masters (10 minutes)
  4. 12.1 Marketing Team hackfest ToDos (15 minutes)
  5. Ambassador Travel Sponsorship Program (15 minutes)
    1. . Where are we now and what's next?
  6. Miscellaneous and Q&A
    1. Can't attend the meeting? Enter your questions/comments here.

Current Action Items

  • AJaeger to talk to SUSEStudio about joint marketing efforts including Gallery
  • CarlosRibiero to inform ambassadors about 11.3 marketing resources on ML
  • rtyler to liaison Smeegol for the marketing team
  • suseROCKs to mail the list with "beginner liason" information
  • From 2010-10-05 meeting:
    • gnokii to send AJ link to list of German LUGs to have it for next time
    • jospoortvliet to add info to the openSUSE wiki on supporting releases
  • From 2010-11-02 meeting:
    • suseROCKs: build stronger relationships with the Ambassadors by having periodic meetings together
    • suseROCKs: provide better material access for ambassadors
    • suseROCKs: organize an online hackfest for developing marketing tools in December
  • From 2010-11-16 meeting:
    • suseROCKs: Get people to submit talks to FOSDEM and GO to FOSDEM
    • suseROCKs: post dates for the upcoming Collaboration Meetings in December with the following priorities: Marketing Guidelines Meeting, Marketing Materials Meetings, Social Media Strategy Meeting

Past Meeting Archives

(stay tuned for more past archives to be added)