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openSUSE:Marketing materials

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This page collects (links to) openSUSE marketing materials like folders and artwork
Warning: UNDER CONSTRUCTION - This page is very much not finished. That means if you think anything is missing, try to add it or just add the suggestion.

Information about the latest release

Our current release is openSUSE Leap 15. Go to the openSUSE 15.1 Portal to find out more about it and take a better look at what are the characteristics that makes it distinguish here. You can find ready-made presentation slides you can use to promote our release on github.

Information about openSUSE

Find a description of the openSUSE project here.

Arguments for openSUSE or rebuttals to often-asked critical questions can be found on the Talking points page.

Information on upcoming features is here.

We also maintain various press kits for major milestones.

Logo's, flyers, posters and other graphics

All our artwork is in our GitHub repository. You can browse it via the GitHub website. Below a quick "how to download stuff" infographic.


Some things you might want to look at in GitHub:

Some things not in Github or things which are especially useful can be found below, but remember: GitHub is the most up-to-date source of stuff!

Helping to translate the flyers etc

It would be appreciated if you help translate these things in your own language. For how to do that, see this how-to page.

We still need to improve the flyer situation - the artwork of them isn't great. Another idea is to follow what the FSFE does: They have this generic A5-sized double-sided flyer. They send that, with have a simple, only-branded (no text!) A5 piece of paper which fits in there to events. Then, the local people can print on the A5 what they need to communicate, put them in the flyer - BAM. Up to date, yet properly branded.

A brilliant idea which I just wanted to put here so we don't forget.

Presentations and Slides

If you want to create your own presentation, possibly in your native language, get the latest style slide templates here from GitHub.

If you created a presentation which could be useful for us, upload it to openSUSE Presentation page or create a merge request on GitHub so that other people can use your presentation.

You can find some more presentations and slides here: openSUSE Presentation page.

You can find a product demo script here: openSUSE product demo script.

Help is always welcome.


For a slideshow with images for eg a screensaver at a booth please use the release screenshots here.


Screencasts of openSUSE technology.
If you want to create an openSUSE screencast yourself please check this screencast howto.

Demo Support

For existing material check the product demos.


some stuff to spice up your (micro)blog page. See here


Sources of stickers, badges etc which you can use

openSUSE Banners openSUSE buttons and Banners

And of course, look in our GitHub repo!

Business Cards

If you are participating in a booth and meeting people it is very important to let them know where to find you after the event. You can save a lot of important time in an event in order to talk to even more people, by giving away your openSUSE business card. Bellow you can find some templates in order to print your own openSUSE Business Cards.

  • SVG Business Card Template 85x54mm
  • openSUSE_member_ambassador_business_card.svg.png

Edit the fields, put you own country flag (better to use something coming from wikimedia). Use a template inkscape svg adapted to one of existent paper. I use Avery C32016 in 220grs.

Also some more Templates for Business Cards can be found git artwork mirror [branch: archival]

Booth Games

Having people around your booth is always the best way to have more people interested in. A clever way to do that is to give them something to do in order to keep them busy. Below you will find some ways to do that.

Finding other artwork to use

SXC and Flickr (+creative commons Advanced search) are useful source of imagery. Most is copyright-free on SXC; please check image licenses and uploader's profile. Flickr can be more variable, so check the image notes carefully. For publication, it's a good idea to make direct contact with the image owner for express permission and to confirm the bona fides of their ownership. A lightbox at SXC.HU A Sample Flickr Gallery