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The openSUSE Press Kit is a set of promotional materials about openSUSE for members of the media. This page describes when to use this press-kit, how to get it and how to contribute to it.

What is a Press-Kit and why should I care?

A press kit or media kit is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials of a company, artist or organization distributed to members of the press for promotional use. Press kits are commonly attached to announcements for major milestones like product releases, large events or other major happenings around openSUSE. Our press kits usually include

  • A press release detailing the current milestone the kit is for (For instance a PDF copy of the openSUSE News blogpost)
  • Milestone highlights (For instance a PDF copy of the Product highlights page)
  • Past press coverage of the milestone the press kit is for (For instance one PDF with copies of all the openSUSE News blogposts)
  • Photos or other images (high resolution) of involved people, logos, products, etc. (For instance from openSUSE:Artwork_brand)
  • Background information on the openSUSE project and other involved parties
  • Other material, such as flyer, ads, banners etc.
  • A sample news story that the press people can copy and extend. This is a chance to guide the press. Sometimes people will even print that story verbatim, as print ready stories are an easy way to fill space without writing too much. Most publication of course edit these stories.
  • Link to GM images
  • note about release process

Our press kit is the one-stop shop for any journalist, potential sponsor or user looking for information on us and/or a milestone we have reached. They get everything they need in one place and don't have to wade through all of our publications to find the relevant parts. Imagine how important a press kit can be if you are a journalist on a tight schedule and you want to write about something. If you want your milestone to get good press coverage, you better help the people who can write about it. Having a good press kit linked from your announcement is the best thing you can do.


You can download a zip file with the general purpose press kit here

There are several "branches" of this press kit for major milestones. Those branches add additional material about those milestones to the press kit. For instance there is a branch called "12.1" for the release of openSUSE 12.1 distribution. Check out all the branches on this page

How to contribute

The openSUSE press-kit is maintained in a git repository on github. To add to the content in the press-kit you can simply contribute to the various openSUSE web, wiki and blog pages as 99% of the content is taken from those. If you are really interested in helping with the compilation of the various kits you have to learn how to work with git and how to use the collaboration features of github. Check out for a nice introduction and if you have further questions ask on our mailinglist