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openSUSE:Inkscape Translation

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This page will explain how to translate marketing materials made in Inkscape. For questions, ask the marketing team or the artwork team on opensuse-marketing or opensuse-artwork at

How to translate a Brochure, flyer or poster made in Inkscape

This how-to is based on translating the openSUSE Brochure which you can find in our GitHub repository here. Below a quick "how to download stuff" infographic.


Get the files

Files open and ready to start translating!

You will need the SVG files made by our artists. The openSUSE Brochure can be found and downloaded here, if you want to translate a poster, they are usually here.

Note that you need to get the right format. As the USA uses different paper formats than the rest of the world and we like them too we usually have two types of paper: A4 (or similar) and US Letter or Legal! Only for Spanish and Chinese does it make sense to also translate the US formats.

In case of the brochure we already have some translated text files in ODF format. Download these too (here), so that you can just copy-paste text instead of having to translate yourself.

Now open the SVG file in Inkscape and the ODF file in your favorite word processor!

Using Inkscape text editing

Editing text. Layers visible on the right.

In Inkscape we usually put the 'artwork' and the text in separate layers. To access the text layer and start editing, you can simply double-click the text and it will turn into a text editing tool.

Klik on the Layer menu on the bottom on 'Layers...' to see the layers. You don't really NEED to do that, however, as Inkscape will switch Layers when you want to edit them automatically.

Now copy-paste text from the ODT files and make it fit!

Inkscape will NOT automatically make it fit: you will usually get one long line and will have to use 'enter' to break up the lines.
If the text doesn't fit you will have to change the wording to make it fit... If needed, you'll have to remove or add information. Don't be too afraid to change it!

Finishing it up

Once you're done and have translated the text, it is time to let somebody review it. Ask a friend, or ask on your local translation list (some of them are listed here or here). Little mistakes are really hard to see if you made them yourselves!

Getting the new file back into the repository

Next and final step: get the files back to the openSUSE marketing and/or artwork team! You can either mail the opensuse-artwork or opensuse-marketing ( lists and ask for help or create a git merge request on GitHub (see this page for a how-to). You can also directly contact who made uploaded the initial folder, you see their name on GitHub as the last commit.


If you have ANY questions, please ask User:Jospoortvliet for help!