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openSUSE:Product demo

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To demo openSUSE 11.3 you can use the following script


Show the Youtube Video DVD Installation (see also the screenshots for more).

That one was soo quick that I had to pause it, I gave some quick explanations... It was so incredible quick that people had fun and enjoyed it.

GNOME Session


  • Explain: to setup "zypper in gnome-shell"
  • Log in - show how to select the "GNOME 3 Preview" in gdm/kdm
  • Start shell
  • go to Activities
  • Explain Workspace - and how intuitive they are due to the overview
    • Search for applications, emacs
    • Drag firefox on "+" sign - opens new workspace
    • add/remove workspaces
    • move apps between workspaces
  • Explain and show panel
    • Name of application
    • Activities button
    • Tray area
    • calendar
  • Alt-Tab for switching apps
  • More details:


  • GUI Icon -> show and explain a few options
  • Create file, via echo "red green blue" > test
  • Search -> "blue" -> immediately found

KDE Session

Now logout, login to KDE:

Ksuseinstall - installs codecs, debug infos

  • Start Amarok
  • You get asked for codecs, add packman and install packages.

KDE Plasma Netbook Workspace

  • Explain how to switch - Desktop Preferences, workspace, form factor
  • Show Page One/"Newsletter - 2 columns" -> shows streams likes news, weather, social desktop activity , you can scroll down
  • Launch/search - search firefox both via query and via "menu", start it
  • Switch applications


I've shown this as part of the KDE session, can be done anywhere.

I've setup the program and created the account before so that I could show how to use it in practice:

  • first step: backup data, so select directories, press "save"
  • once uploaded, you can sync of backup data - between my different computers (just explained)
  • Also: share of backup data - publish content on spideroak website

LXDE Session

Log out of KDE, log into LXDE

  • Add application to desktop - right click on menu
  • Launch firefox
  • Launch LXDE Control Center
  • Launch OpenBox - show lots of options to configure windowmanager
  • Filemanager
    • shows Applications as well

See also the LXDE video for more inspiration - or show the video completely.


  • removal of dependencies:
  1. zypper in gwibber

This installed 11 packages on my system.

  1. zypper rm -u gwibber

This removed the same 11 packages again.

  • obs syntax - shortcut notation:
  1. zypper ar -f obs://openSUSE:Factory:Contrib/openSUSE_11_3 contrib

Run command and explain how nice and short it is - see the output for the long URL.


I had prepared two laptops and had to login/logout between each desktop. One desktop would have been enough but I didn't want to install everything on my main laptop, so prepared the second one to showcase LXDE. Note for showing the KDE Plasma netbook edition, any screen size will do,

I had to cheat at one point since SpiderOak needs an extra depencency (hope it makes it as online update soon), so I downloaded the complete package from the spideroak server.

Btw. you need to practice this in one run, I played with each desktop a bit but then going through it, I encountered some problems that I had to fix on the fly, e.g. killing packagekit during the ksuseinstall. An option is also to do this with two persons - one person talks and explains on the wall, the other works the laptop.