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Release announcements

There are two kinds of release announcements we write: the HUGE ones like for a new openSUSE release and the smaller ones for a new OBS, Smeegol, the new website and things like that.

Product announcements

To get a product announcement out you need a couple of things.

  • Compile a list of the major features and improvements in PRODUCT_X
  • Notify the marketing team at least 2 weeks (!) in advance of the release date
  • Marketing Team will assist with writing the press release.
      • TIP #1! Do not focus on writing/grammar/language skills. Just get the meat of the product into the writing. Marketing team will take care of the rest.
      • TIP #2! It is useful to provide the marketing team with background information such as links to introduction, documentation, roadmaps, etc.
    • A press release has the following components
      • Two sentence introduction "Today we release PRODUCT_X version XXX' and briefly mention the major features
      • Then up to 3 sections with the major features
      • Then an 'about PRODUCTX'
      • And an 'about openSUSE' (take from the main page)
  • The Marketing Team will modify the press release for (use more friendly language and screenshots/images) as well as appropriate format for other deliveries.
  • SUSE community manager will make sure SUSE knows about the release and communicates it to their press contacts

See Marketing Communication Process for a more detailed promo plan.


  • Make sure links to the packages (incl one-click-install) and preferably a SUSE Studio image are ready 3 workdays before the release. The SUSE Studio image can be Appliance of the week but that needs TO BE PLANNED IN ADVANCE!

Release announcements

For release planning we have a specific plan in Chili


Putting on an event is a lot more work than giving a presentation - but how else do you get enough people together to do a presentation?

Launch Parties

For each new release of openSUSE there are many launch parties all over the world organized by the community. Check this how to to get some tips how to run a successful launch party.

Be sure to register yours on the Launch Parties page!

Install Fests

Common Troubleshooting during install-fest

If you are planning to have an install-fest the following points maybe helpful to you.

  • Have some extra DVDs along with you in case any of the media turns out to be buggy.
  • If you are planning to use a projector configure and test its settings well in advance as they usually cause trouble. They often are very long to sync, so one can't see the beginning of the boot, where are displayed the BIOS and Boot menu function keys (hint: try ESC, DEL, F2, F9, F10, F12)
  • Try to get a list of the hardware which the attendees will bring during the install-fest. Make sure all the drivers are available with you which you can distribute via CDs, DVDs or USBs.
  • Install multimedia codecs and other stuff the attendee needs to have.
  • Involve your guests in the process and try to get them acquainted with the repository system.
  • Get yourself ready to answer these questions
    • There is no "Refresh" menu on right click of Desktop
    • Where can I download the antivirus software?
    • How can I play DVD? (Best Solution: Install VLC)
    • I cannot find Microsoft Word?
  • The first reboot is done with kexec, not a real reboot, sometime it fails. It's often enough to make a hard reboot to continue.
  • Sometime the system freezes at boot. Try failsafe boot, but if it works, don't forget to make it default on the demo computer before giving it back to the user
  • feel free to give your phone number to the user you installed the computer. It's extremely rare to have a call back, but it impress extremely the user  :-). If you have and can, don't fear to go to the user's home. It's work, but ten years after, he will still thank you each time you meet and prayse you at any time.


A detailed description on how to organize a booth can found here here

Project description for the booth

You often need a short description of what openSUSE is for your booth. Find it on our project homepage.

Report on attending a conference or organizing a meeting

Once you have finished your meeting or conference and have recovered from the stress and alcohol and fun - you will feel lonely again. So, it's time to report about the event to others on the ambassadors mailinglist and let them know what great work you (and your team) did!

You can follow this report structure add it to our wiki in the same format, send a mail to the opensuse-marketing list and share the awesome fun you had. You can also write a blog post answering the questions in the report and then point the opensuse-marketing list to it. Also if you are sharing your materials with us add them to Marketing resources conforming to the most relevant page in the category.

Please link your report from the event list for easy reference and add links to marketing material there as well.