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openSUSE Leap 15.4 was released! There is no better way to enjoy the new release than with your fellow openSUSE peers! Launch parties are events around the release of a new openSUSE version. What kind of event is up to the organizers but it's usually an event to spread the word about the new version, share knowledge with each other and get people to know openSUSE. Most of all is of course about having a lot of fun...

If you are hosting an event for a launch party of the next release, go ahead and add it to list below. If you're interested in hosting one but have questions, see the Launch Party HOWTO.

You can find posters on this page and other materials via the navigation bar on top.

If you want to give a presentation, find some materials on the Presentations page.

Picking a date

Launch parties aren't limited to the release date. It's fine to organize a party 3 or 4 weeks after the release, when people have had a chance to test it out!

Launch party locations list

Organizer Details Country Language Date/Time Address Planned size (guestimate) Report
ddemaio 24 Hour Release Party in the bar. Read about it Worldwide English or ... June 2 - 3 12+
Hillwood Yang An offline release party at 14:00~17:00. Read about it China Chinese June 19 Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chinese Mainland 40+

Text report:


aryulianto Offline Meetup Release Party 15.4. More detail on Indonesia Indonesia October 1st Indigo Space Jakarta 30+ Live Stream will be available on