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openSUSE:Marketing communication process

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This page documents the steps we go through when we want to publish something like an announcement of a sub project or a release.

Communication channels

We have the following communication channels:


Managed by our news team. Contact them by sending a mail to! See the openSUSE:News_team page for information on how to get news out on the openSUSE channels.

  • opensuse-announce mailinglist

The mailinglist is for official openSUSE announcements. It is moderated by a team.

  • openSUSE journalists ML

This mailinglist has press subscribed to it. We send them pre-announcement information so they can prepare articles. They are committed to an embargo and won't publish until the date and time we tell them the announcement goes live. We don't send them mail very often (once to twice per week at most). Note that this ML is incredibly effective and makes sure we get maximum coverage!

  • project, factory and other mailinglists

If we have to make sure our community knows about something we mail the factory, project and other mailinglists.

  • Official SUSE channels

SUSE has a corporate blog and press channels. We can use them for important stuff but we have to let them know in time. Communication goes via openSUSE Team!

  • Social media

We have social media sites like Facebook, twitter and more. Details can be found on the social media contacts page. Ideally, all announcements should go there as well. This process is partially automated but not fully yet, we need to work on that.