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About Me edit

Hi, my name is Pascal Bleser. As of 2010, I'm 35 years old, live in Belgium, work in Germany, am living with my girlfriend Ingrid and (last but most important (to me)) father of my 4 year old daughter Gaëlle and my 1.5 yea old son Thomas.

I'm using Linux since a little over 10 years (started with Slackware, had Redhat for a few days, switched to S.u.S.E. Linux 5.0 and stayed with it since then) and take actively part in the community since about 5-6 years.

I'm working for a large European ISV as a software architect and developer, mostly busy with designing and coding technology-related Java components and frameworks (yeah, I actually really, really like Java). Apart from that, on the technical side of things, I've done and still do a lot of coding in PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, bash, and also did a lot of C/C++ coding (but I'd prefer not to any more).

My native language is French, my German is near perfect and I guess my English is quite fluent.

My main contribution to the openSUSE community is to maintain lots and lots of packages in my "Guru" repository (now sort of defunct) as well as in the Packman repository and the openSUSE Build Service.

I've also been a member of the initial, "bootstrap" openSUSE Board, and have been elected to serve on the current openSUSE board for 2 years.

Furthermore, I'm one of the members of the FOSDEM (Free and Opensource Software Developers European Meeting) organization team, one of the largest and most appreciated FOSS events in Europe, part of a great team of dedicated, highly skilled people^Wfriends.

On a side note, I authored the current implementation of Planet openSUSE.

Finally (sort of), here and then, as time permits, a do a little bit of editing on the website.