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About Me edit

Hello :-! mon compte en français


I'm Jean-Daniel Dodin, old time French SuSE user. I'm the author of an obscure LDP HOWTO, and LDP Coordinator (no more, LDP is nearly dead for lack of volunteers). I was also board member of my town Linux User Group (le CULTe.

Of course I participate in the effort. My knowledge is mostly documentation (I'm a retired teacher), mostly in French, but I can help in English (mostly is english in fact now - 2011).

I can write in English (if somebody helps for correctness) or translate to French.

Own main website:

Most of the following links are broken. I don't care to fix this every time, If you are interested, google with the page name will give you a usable result.

SDB:Moving in Nürnberg

old wiki

NB: as a semi-retired old man I have sometimes many time left. So I may be boring. I may be rude - I'm not english native and sometime what I say is not what I intended to say. Don't blame me, but feel free to say so if you are upset :-). I always try to help, but can be dumb :-(-.

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