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User:Jdd/letter to people asking to be a member 2015

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this is to be a model for the letter sent to people that ask to be a member and are not accepted ("contribute first"). The present (2015) answer seems to me much too rude :-)

Dear Sir.

I see you asked to be an openSUSE member.

As you didn't document any previous openSUSE contribution, I guess you misunderstood the membership concept.

If you use openSUSE, you are already a member of the community and you are allowed to subscribe any mailing list or forum without extra step

the "official" membership status was created to thank people contributing the most to the community project, witch is not obviously your case right now. Of course you are welcome to contribute as much as you can. This is often referred to as "contribute first".

What you can do now, on the beginning, if you haven't already, is to fill your wiki page (<your-login>) on the English wiki (the common language here can't be anything other than English!) After that, please notify me and we can help you to contribute.

See you soon :-)

jdd (openSUSE member) Link to the long explanation: