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SDB:Moving in Nürnberg

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Nürnberg was the location of the openSUSE Conference 2011 and also the historical place where openSUSE was born. So the chance that one has to go there is not null and knowing how to find himself there is useful, even if not computer related.

Locations in Nürnberg

The SUSE office in Nürnberg is Maxfeldstrasse 5, 90409 Nürnberg.

The Zentrifuge location of the OSC 2011 may be can be re-used for other meetings) is Muggenhoferstrasse 141, 90429 Nürnberg

The Best Western Hotel, just in case somebody needs it again is Regerstrasse 6 90429 Nürnberg


The Nürnberg taxis are pretty cheap in 2011 a run from the airport to the Best Werstern, at night, was €15. To call a taxi, deal +49 911 19410.


Nürnberg underground (U-bahn) is very simple to use with some short hints.

The company running it is VAG.

What you have to know is that the tickets can be found on automatic desks on any station, and they have a multi language touchscreen interface (the visa card reader only know German and English).

You probably mostly need one way ticket or day wide ticket. German people seems to be very disciplined, because the controls are nearly none. With daily tickets, you have to validate once (before the first use) and keep it in your pocket, nobody never asked me to see it.

The ticket distributor allows you to search for the destination, when you begin to type the station name it work like a car GPS and shows valid answers (airport is Flughafen). there are several zones, depending of the distance from center town.

Most stations have two sides, each with some trains. A very well managed display say what is the next train and the one after it and often how many minutes you have to wait.

The underground lines all join in two main stations, Plärrer and Hauptbahnhof, so coming there will give you the maximum option in case you have a doubt.

Using underground

The airport (flughafen) is on the U2 line, the SUSE office is on the U3 lines. These two lines met on the Rathenauplatz station. Changing wagon there makes the travel very short. You can even walk from Rathenauplatz to SUSE (1.6km), but you can as well take the U3 line to Maxfeld station.

On 2011 September, this Maxfeld station is not shown on most street maps (michelin, google don't know it) and if you don't know it's locate on goethestrasse, you may have problems.

it's here (googlemap)

openstreet map: the maxfeld station is here as a blue dot

Walking to the SUSE office

From Maxfeld station you have just 500 m to walk. Leave the station at the rear end of the train you arrived (you'll be on Goethestrasse), and once you're out do a u-turn and turn left on Löbleinstrasse. Follow the street until the traffic lights, the large blue building on the opposite side is the building the offices are in. Cross the street twice and follow Maxfeldstrasse until number 5 - the entrance behind the stairs. The SUSE reception is on the 3th level.

Best Western and Zentrifuge

The two of them are reached at the same underground station (Eberhardshof) which is the terminus of the U11 and a stop for the U1. When in the train, it's very easy to find, because it's the first station that is not under the ground but on free air.

From the station, you can see a Honda store, it's the Best western road, 3 minutes to go.

Zentrifuge is the other way, on middle of the old AEG factory number 141 on the map. If you come from the Muggenhofferstrasse, go in by the large factory gate before the #141.