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User:Jdd/letter to members 2015

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this is to be a model for a letter to send to presumably no more active openSUSE member in 2015 by jdd

Hello, dear openSUSE member

This letter is not spam, as it's not a mass mailing but a personal one. I will personally answer any question regarding it's content or anything else, as far as I can.

openSUSE is living pretty well, as shown by a successful openSUSE 2015 conference in Den Haag (OSC-15).


We always lack of contributions. There are two kind of contributions: development or packaging on one side, documentation and "marketing" on the other side.

We also need some sort of communication between active members because we know little about each other, so this letter.

If you receive this letter it's because I couldn't find evidence of your activity as a member of openSUSE. So, my first question is: do you still feel like an active openSUSE member? If not we want to move you to the "Emeritus" status and no more bother you.

If the answer is "no" (you don't feel like an active member), you can ignore this post - of course you can also answer to it, I will always be glad to hear about you and why you changed mind about openSUSE, but do not feel obliged to do so.

If the answer is "yes", you still feel like an openSUSE member, it's great!! you would be kind to fill your personal wiki page. For this, log in the English wiki (, click on your name on the upper right corner of the page, give there some lines of description of your present work for openSUSE, and let me know.

If you don't know what to do, please ask me

jdd, openSUSE member