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About Me edit

Bryen M Yunashko openSUSE Board Member openSUSE Marketing Team

I'm an openSUSE user since version 9.3 and became active in the community with the release of version 10.3. I started out seeking some information to help with my accessibility needs and ended up joining the openSUSE-GNOME Team. From there, I eventually migrated to other areas of the openSUSE Project and ran for openSUSE Board and am now in my second term which will be completed in December of 2011. I also took up the role of openSUSE Marketing Team lead in early 2010.

When not working on openSUSE, I also am very actively involved in GNOME Foundation's Accessibility Team Outreach project (another marketing stint.) It's my fundamental belief that a11y is an important necessity in the FOSS world and that we must make FOSS a very attractive and accessible environment.

When not doing FOSS work, you can also see me travelling around giving talks about Deaf-Blindness in the Deaf Community and to sign language programs around teh United States.