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About Me

I'm an Italian programmer and Linux user.

My works on openSUSE

Actually I translate only the openSUSE Wiki, but for the future i want to traslate also the distribution. Mainly I update the home page of the Wiki: roadmap, weekly news ... but when i have more time i write how-tos and i traslate other importants pages.

Recently translated/updated pages

  • Italian's Wiki: Updated the home page;
  • Italian's Wiki: it:openSUSE_Newsletter_Settimanale/119 openSUSE Weekly News issue #119
  • Italian's Wiki: updated the OpenSUSE Weekly News Page;
  • Italian's Wiki: translated Java Packaging Overview Page;
  • Italian's Wiki: translated Java Page;
  • Italian's Wiki: updated the template of the Home Page;
  • Italian's Wiki: translated Weekly News Issue #100;
  • Italian's Wiki: translated the Netbeans page;
  • Italian's Wiki: translated the "Installing Java on openSUSE" page;
  • Italian's Wiki: translated the YaST's Bug Page;
  • Italian's Wiki: translated the Boot_Time/bootchart page;
  • Italian's Wiki: translated KDE4 page and uploaded the KDE logo;
  • Italian's Wiki Home Page: updated Weekly News;
  • Italian's Wiki Home Page: updated with openSUSE 11.1
  • Italian's Wiki "Buttons" Page: translated from the English original;
  • Italian's Wiki "Roadmap right-block": updated with openSUSE 11.0 Beta3 and added a nice image for the countdown;