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Script Code Library

Scripts and Scriptlets - A curated library of commands, full scripts and scriptlets for all Users, from beginning to expert, regular Users, Administrators and Developers. BASH console for now, may extend to other languages later

Guides, How To and More


Enhancing your Development Language Support in openSUSE

Install and run Ruby
Install and run NodeJS
NodeJS web servers
Missing Files? Unsatisfied Dependencies?Howto Find


General BTRFS documentation

The ArchWiki BTRFS
BTRFS Wiki - A good start to finding anything about BTRFS

Filesystem Full

The most authoritative article available for resolving (Highly technical)
Marc Merlins blog

BTRFS Balance command (Variety of uses)


Lizard Blog announcing YaST Partitioner support for BTRFS RAID Main documentation Use Cases (includes BTRFS)

SLES 11 Storage documentation
SLES 12 Storage documentation

Openstack and Devstack

Intro and Install on openSUSE (and SUSE)

Logging and Big Data

Newbie's Intro to Setting up Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana on openSUSE/SUSE
Install Elasticsearch/Logstash from official Elasticsearch Repos
Install Logstash, an enterprise aggregator of all types of logging
Install Kibana, a web interface to Elasticsearch-


Docker, a highly isolated way of running different openSUSE, other distros and apps.
Bare metal performance alternative to more common virtualization like Virtualbox, VMware, KVM, Xen, etc
Docker Cheatsheet - A verbose list of necessary Docker commands (good reference and learning tool)
Install Docker on openSUSE and SLES/SLED
Access a Docker Container Console
Docker - Build a Custom Docker Image for your own use
Docker Dev Corner - Docker commands related to creating and building


Share Folder between Host and Guest using vm manager
Write to Removable Media from a Guest
LXC mount shared directory
SDB:LXC migrate to LXC-libvirt
How to: Chroot, and optionally install OpenStack
The Virtual File System and Understanding mis-alignment if you have poor disk I/O
Fine Tuning VMware memory management
Hardware pass through! All virtualization technologies
Deploying openSUSE or SUSE as a Hyper-V Guest
vCPU_Steal_Time or when your Guest(s) is very slow


Create, Modify LXDE Main Menu items
LXterminal - login shell

System level

Using "systemd status" in Technical Help Forums
Free - Memory availability and usage tool
Loop Devices - Create, Manage, Destroy
Loadable Kernel Modules LKM or KLM
Configure update-alternatives for gcc
SDB for installing on low memory x86 hardware, eg Atom
Common and useful systemd commands
Full Disk Encryption both prior to and as of August 2019
Although is an FFMPEG article, also has invaluable GPU information, eg NVME, NVNC, NVDEC VDPAU, VAAPI supported APIs and languages


SCALE 2013


Deploy Big Data Analysis on openSUSE - Logstash, Elasticsearch, Kibana

Slidedecks - My Presentations on openSUSE stuff and General Computing

Introduction to openSUSE LEAP 15
Installing and Optimizing on SSD and HDD
Intro to systemd
Big Data - Intro and Concepts
IoT - Mirai, Dirty Cow, Embedded Linux

Public Scripts

Typically instructions and description in the script
Modify GRUB Menu so entire entry can be seen
Script fixes grub menu when upgrading openSUSE 13.1 > 13.2



Learn More

A page dedicated to excellent references to enhance deeper understanding of topics
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Collecting YAST logs for troubleshooting
Beginner's openSUSE Wiki Quickstart

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