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User:Tsu2/systemd commands

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This page is a brief reference and compilation of useful systemd commands
Basic to the information on this page is that the systemd Unit file is itself a configuration file which references executables, configuration files, settings and more.


The "pipe" character | signifies a multiple selection of arguments, choose only one

The Commands

Start Stop Restart

Basic app or service activation

systemctl start|stop|restart Unitname

Run as a Service on Boot

All systemd Unit files can start on boot (aka service) or not

systemctl enable|disable Unitname.service


Whenever a configuration has been changed, the service or system must be reloaded

The Following re-reads the configuration for a service and restarts. My personal experience is that there is no certainty the new configuration will be active.

systemctl reload Unitname.service

The Following stops a specific app or service, re-reads the configuration and restarts which pretty much ensures the new configuration will be active

systemctl force-reload Unitname.service

Although some documentation might say that the following stops systemd, re-reads the systemd configuration and reloads, it's my experience that the following also re-reads every configuration for all services before restarting all.

systemctl daemon-reload