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User:Tsu2/Docker Install

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The Official Docker documentation

My Vastly improved version of the official Docker documentation (above)

I don't know if my Pull Request containing my improvements will ever be accepted, at the moment without an adequate reason I am refusing to comply with Docker Contributor requirements which involves signing commits with certificates because IMO simply submitting using a valid Github account should be sufficient to authenticate the Contributor. Besides, all contributions are submitted under the principles of FOSS and if necessary can be made a required license for all contributions. There is no good reason I can currently think of why a Contributor should attach a personal certificate except to intrude on the personal space of the Contributor. You can view the revised content directly from my Github fork. This link will be removed if the content is accepted into the official Docker documentation.

My previous Docker Install page

Except for the steps adding the Virtualization Repo, all content on this page is still valid and would probably be useful for a brand new docker User, with a guide to launching your first container.