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Start your own openSUSE wiki, it's free and easy to create!


1. Login with your Attachmate credentials, it's the same used for the openSUSE Technical Forums, bugzilla, and all other openSUSE sites (sometimes not used for SUSE sites). You may already be logged in if you have posted to the openSUSE forums.

Create a Brand New Page

2. Open a page starting with "" and ending in "User:username", for example since my own login name is TSU2. An easy way to do this is to rt-click on the following link and "open new page" so you can continue to view this page as well. When you have opened my Wiki home page, use the backspace key to remove my username (Tsu2) and replace with your own Username.

3. Since your username is unique, the page should not already exist, so the page will say so.

4. Click on the "Create" link and an editor will open. Note that you can accept the default template or select something else. Accept the default for now since it's the most flexible.

5. Create some content, even if it's silly. Once saved, you can always change it later to something more permanent.

6. Save. The page will save your changes and display your content. Note that because you are currently logged in with a valid account, you can see various "Edit" links which can either edit the entire page (at the top) or individual sections (if you have created multiple sections in a Table of Contents).

Additional items of note:

- Anyone can edit anyone else' Wiki. Wiki security is very simplistic and cannot restrict others from editing yours or any other Wiki. In this way, the Wiki is based on an Honor system that everyone will respect others.

- No page edits are anonymous. If anyone were to think they could vandalize a page, it would be recorded in the document's History and publicly viewable.

- All page edits are reversible. All wiki pages are stored in what is called a "version control system" so anything new can be undone. See the page's History.

- The Wiki's basic openSUSE colors cannot be modified. Just not permitted.

- Formatting text lines with a "Heading" typesize automatically creates a section both in the body and the Table of Contents.

- You find that Line Breaks are required often.

- The Wiki editor only provides easy "button" access to formatting and functionality. The wiki uses common "MediaWiki" technology which is also the basis for other websites like Wikipedia. If you'd like to format something in a way that's not in the editor, you can insert MediaWiki code. I store examples of special code I commonly use on a page I've created for easy access, I'd encourage anyone to do the same

- Use other Wikis as examples for your own! You are invited to click through the pages I've created for my own Wiki. You'll find various examples inserting images, special text formats, various page organization, more.

- Some additional Wiki info: See the links in the navigation pane along the left border on this page.