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This page has been created for useful markup for openSUSE wiki authoring and any other that uses mediawiki markup

Full WikiText is described at
Wiki Markup - Official Documentation

  • Bulleted list item
Highlight Computer Code

Underline Text


Text Here


Wikimedia Collapsing text Help Reference
Unknown for now why the code doesn't work

Specify Font color


Standard color names

The HTML 4.01 specification defines sixteen named colors, as follows:

Color Hexadecimal Color Hexadecimal
black #000000 silver #c0c0c0
gray #808080 white #ffffff
maroon #800000 red #ff0000
purple #800080 fuchsia #ff00ff
green #008000 lime #00ff00
olive #808000 yellow #ffff00
navy #000080 blue #0000ff
teal #008080 aqua #00ffff

Image thumbnails - New syntax 2016


Note that the dynamic popup function does not work in the current openSUSE wiki software, instead of a popup, the link causes the current window to open the image page. The User then has to "go back" to return to the page just left.

The modified GRUB menu
The Modified GRUB Menu