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User:Tsu2/Missing Files Dependencies

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First, realize that sometimes a library package name may have been renamed to something similar although not exact. Consider whether a slight name change in any way makes sense. Remember, a package name is just a name and may or may not be the same as its file contents, or the naming convention may be different from one system to the next (causing project problems when they build to different distros).

1. Search your existing configured repos

zypper se package_name

2. Search for a package that might provide the file

zypper se --provides file_name

3. The "Cannot find" command

cnf file_name

4. Use the online search tool at

5. Do an Internet search for the desired RPM package or file which might turn up in places like RPM PBone, RPMfind, etc

4. Look up the project supporting the specific library to see whether it can be downloaded typically as a TAR file or compiled easily.

Always consider the source for whatever you install, whether you can trust its integrity and weigh the risk you could damage your machine whether intentionally or not.