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User:Tsu2/Scripts and Scriplets

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For all who openSUSE

Starting from this page, you will find links to pages that contain full scripts and scriptlets for all purposes to accomplish various tasks from simple to complex. Some may be only simple commands. Whether you are simply a User looking to do something from a console or an Administrator building tools or a Developer building a full blown application, these curated scripts can do many things more easily than drilling down through graphical applications or finding apps to do the things these scripts can accomplish.

Learn by Example

Although I may create a more verbose instruction at some time, for now everything is "Learn by Example" which means that the examples you'll find here are used to do specific things. Still, anyone who has more of a "I want to learn" bent will notice that each script here is a working example of a specific method which can be applied elsewhere. Many can be used as a base template which can be applied to other use. Experiment and learn!


If you have script code that you believe can be useful to others or a different way of doing something than published here, go ahead and add to any of these Wiki pages. All contributions are welcome, and if the page gets mucked up, don't worry... it's easy to rollback any mistakes.

Scripts and Scriptlets


Really Basic Stuff for Script Newbies

Never created a script before? This describes how to create your first one.

Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions
What a regular expression is, scoping unexpected expansion. Don't overlook the links to additional reading.

Zypper stuff to make life easier

Non-interactively, automatically detect your OS version, add the appropriate repo for your version and accept keys automatically. Speed up and add repos quickly without User input.

MySQL and Mariadb

Use HereDoc to automatically answer an interactive script like MySQL/MariaDB Secure Setup


Address common dbus error on bootup (affects all virtualization)

Making Broken Stuff Work

Create a symbolic link
Create a symbolic link so that a library can be used by some other name


Nodejs Webserver

A simple webserver which can be invoked from any location, and it auto-refreshes the website when you make changes to webpages!