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Loadable Kernel Modules

Today's Linux kernel (post 2.7.27?) is a modular (not monolithic) kernel which comprises a base image and then modules which can be added to customize functionality. LKM can be added during the initial stages immediately after the base image is created/loaded or thereafter. Some LKM can be manually loaded on the fly by the User.

Useful Commands

Display installed modules only


Look for a specific module

Method 1 - List all modules and grep for the specific module

ls -R /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/ | grep module_name

Method 2 - Modprobe and tab Start with the following command but type the module name only until one or more characters is left, then [TAB] to autocomplete. If the autocomplete completes the module name, then it exists

modprobe partial_module_name

LKM procedures

Listing and setting alternative TCP/IP Congestion Control algorithms