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Deploying SUSE/openSUSE on Hyper-V?

Important FAQ

  • If you are running latest versions of both MSWindows and SUSE/openSUSE, all available features are supported
  • LIS (Linux Integration Services) automatically installed as part of the Linux kernel (main upstream). So, no Guest enhancements similar to VBox "Guest Additions" or VMware "Guest Tools" needs to be installed.
  • Starting with LEAP 15, LEAP versions correspond with SUSE versions so when necessary you can consult with SUSE documentation of the same version as your openSUSE. You can also more or less work backwards from LEAP 15 to guess compatibility issues.
  • No one should be running Microsoft Virtual Server or VirtualPC which are technologies that preceded Hyper-V and are very different.

Resources for deploying SUSE and openSUSE products on Hyper-V

FAQ and feature matrix SUSE Guests on Hyper-V

Best Practices running Linux on Hyper-V
Don't overlook this, there is no overlap from the above document describing specific SUSE/openSUSE support

Misc Articles solely on Hyper-V

Wikipedia entry

Hyper-V architecture (note similarities with Xen)

Alternatives to Hyper-V

If running Windows 10, don't overlook Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).
One of the first distros supported, you can use standard openSUSE command line to install and run subsystems (like python) and applications in something that is comparable to a Linux container (ie on bare metal). When you launch a WSL, you don't have access to essential kernel mode processes beyond systemd commands. And you have no limitations in userworld.

When you install WSL from the Microsoft Store (free, no cost), as of this writing no matter what version is in the store you will install the latest image of openSUSE LEAP. Although Tumbleweed images have recently been created as of this writing, I don't know that any instructions exist that describe how to deploy.