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HCL:IBM Lenovo desktops

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IBM ThinkCentre A30 (8198-81U) 10.1 Icon-cross.png Intel 845G Icon-question.png Can't test Icon-checked.png System runs at runlevel 3 Works as a file server but, can't start X or KDE because of video driver incompatibility; can start KDE through an SSH tunnel with vncserver command. Major clock drift within hours; system slows down to a halt over a day or so. Machine has none of these issues running Windows, so this must be a hardware compatibility issue with SuSE 10.1.
IBM Intellistation Z Pro (6223-31G) 11.1 Icon-checked.png nVidia Quadro NVS 280 Icon-checked.png Icon-checked.png hibernation works -
Lenovo Q190 12.3 Icon-checked.png i915 compatible Icon-checked.png Icon-checked.png use nomodeset I use mine as a Plex Media Server. Before I made it headless, the desktop seemed fairly responsive.