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Hardware Support Remark:
Video Sound Ethernet Other XP2000+ 9.1-10.n Icon-checked.png Icon-checked.png Icon-checked.png Icon-checked.png DVD-RAM
Icon-checked.pngPhilips DVD+RW DL
Solid and reliable under Linux (once dodgy RAM replaced)
Home-built Asus A8V Deluxe,
AMD Athlon64 3500+
9.1-10.n Icon-checked.png Icon-checked.png Icon-checked.png 100mbps
Icon-question.png Gigabit
Icon-checked.png LG DVD-RW
Icon-checked.pngLG-DVD-RW DL
Custom built Athlon 64 box with S-ATA drives
Iwill ZMAXd2
2xOpteron 275
10.1, 10.2, 10.3 Icon-checked.png Icon-checked.png Icon-checked.png Icon-checked.pngNEC 3520A DVDRW w83627hf sensor defaults wrong XP2100+

Built around an Asus motherboard and MSI Ti4600 graphics card, this machine was one of the fastest tested production machines when purchased. It came with a CD-RW and DVD-RAM and a 17" LG TFT. Apart from initial crashing caused by dodgy DIMM's, it has run flawlessly.

Initially delivered as a main Windows XP workhorse, it has spent its time as a purely as a Linux box since SUSE 9.1. The original video card (Ti4600), sound card (SB Audigy 1) were always fully functional - there was an early problem with SB Audigy drivers reseting the volume to 0 or defaulting to digital output, but the OEM version installed here was always fine.

It is currently using an FX5700LE doing dual-head service with a pair of 17" TFT's and working reliably. The CD-RW was also replaced with a dual-layer Philips DVD+/-RW Dual Layer drive which works fine with k3b.

Asus A8V Based PC

Custom built machine using an AOpen large tower case, Enermaxx 400W quiet power supply, Asus A8V Deluxe motherboard, IcyDock S-ATA drive tray and 2 Samsung 160GB S-ATA drivers (one SUSE, one Windows), originally Aeolus FX5900XT graphics card, replaced by XFX FX6600GT, and a SB Audigy 2ZS sound card. Matched to an Athlon64 3500+ and 1GB DDR400 RAM. When it was built it was state-of-the-art, put together 2 weeks after AMD announced the Socket 939 standard and Asus released the Av8 Deluxe motherboard. It is currently driving an LG Flatron M203WX 20.1" widescreen TFT at 1680x1050 perfecly happily.

The Deluxe motherboard comes with a mini-slot Wi-Fi card, but this has never been tested - the machine sits 1M from the switch! The onboard Marvell Gigabit ethernet port works fine in 100MB/S mode, Gigabit not tested.

64-bit SUSE installed perfectly on the machine from the get-go and, apart from a relative lack of packages when it was released, there have been no real problems. Playing DVD's meant dropping back to 32-bit packages, but apart from that everything was fine. Which is more than can be said for Windows, which refused to believe that there was a hard drive attached!

Asus A8v

my computer is an asus A8V Deluxe m/b, amd 64 3000+, 1GB pc3200, geforce fx 5600 ultra 128mb, emu 1212m w/ daughter board, audigy gamer, antec true power 480w, sata 120gb, two maxtor 80gb in raid 0, plextor 716a, sony 48x24x48. as you can see i have quite a hodge podge of hardware, but suse did install and start up without a hitch. i even got xgl working with nvidia's drivers, and following the guide to get it running. i have two monitors, a 19" and a 17". i was able to strech the screen across both the thing i didn't like about xgl was it basically made one desktop stretch across both screens. what i mean by that is the menu button is on the bottom left on the left monitor, and the clock is on the bootom right in the right monitor. i switched back to regular x due to this. the only other issue i had was from having two sound cards installed. i had sound working once, then i had to tweak things cause that's what i do, and i broke it. can't seem to fix it i will probably just reinstall. the network card works without a hitch, alhtough like the other a8v dude i also don't know how gigabit works. this is the only computer i have with gigabit. well that's about it on my experience, if you got any questions feel free to ask Retrieved from "" Views