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HCL:Medion desktops

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Model openSUSE
Hardware Support Remark:
Video Sound Ethernet Other
Life PT MT5 8.n-10.n Icon-checked.png Icon-checked.png
Onboard (Oak)
Icon-checked.png Icon-question.png Modem All components recognised "out of the box".
Installed cleanly with each version (8.1 needed to delete and re-instert Audio card).
Used with multiple nVidia cards (MX440, Ti4600, FX5700LE, FX5900XT)
Winmodem removed - no analogue telephone line.
Various removable media used (CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, plain DVD-ROM), no compatibility problems with SUSE encountered.
Akoya D4020 AllInOne 12.3 Icon-checked.png Icon-checked.png Icon-checked.png Icon-cross.pngTouchScreen Icon-cross.png DVB-T-Rec Icon-cross.png Remote All components work right after the installation, NetworkManager has to be started manually once as noted in the release notes. I read before that the builtin DVB-T card won't work, it is a cheap Phillips chipset, there used to exist a driver project but it has been abondoned years ago. The TouchScreen is a usb device manufactured by NextWindow (USB 1926:0093). I have not yet tried to use the remote control.