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For general information on scanning in openSUSE see SDB:Configuring Scanners.


See [1] for a list of supported drivers by Brother's brscan / brscan2 packages.

Brother DCP-120C

Supported by brscan2 package from Brother when following their instructions. When selecting an area from the preview, the scanned area is offset, so scanning a larger area and cropping the image manually might be necessary.

Brother DCP-357C

Works without problems after the brother driver is installed. Driver and HowTo: http://solutions.brother.com/linux/en_us/index.html

Brother DCP-J140W

Tested with SUSE Linux 12.1, USB connection only. It works if you follow these instructions.
Tested with openSUSE 12.2, WiFi connection works. First need to install drivers from Brother support page and then follow their instructions.

Brother MFC-465CN

Works with Brother SANE driver. ADF works. Kooka scans only 1st page from ADF, use gscan2pdf instead for multi-page from ADF.

Brother DCP-7010

Supported by brscan2 rpm-package from Brother when following their instructions.

Brother MFC-490CW

Works with Brother SANE driver.


Canoscan FB630U

The device is autodetected, but you should configure it via YaST. The driver "FB630P" is available. You cannot test it in YaST, start Kooka and click the "preview scan" button to see it works. USB port, 10.0

Canoscan N 650U

Detected automatically with plustek driver, works fine and fast. Tested on SUSE Linux 10.0 (i386), 10.1 (i386), 10.2 (i386), 10.3 (i386 & x86_64) and 11.0 (x86_64).

Canoscan LiDE 25

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png on openSUSE 11.0, 11.1, 11.2, 11.3 and 11.4. Works fine. The hardware buttons don't work.

Canoscan LiDE 35

Detected with genesys driver, works fine and fast. Tested on SUSE Linux 10.2 x86 and 10.2 x86_64.

Canoscan LiDE 60

Detected with genesys driver, works fine and fast. Tested on SUSE Linux 10.2 x86. Works fine with 10.3, 11.0 & 11.1 (autodetected)

Canoscan LiDE 110

Plug & Play with openSUSE 12.2 & 12.3. No driver hassle at all, just plug it in and it works using scanning applications. The buttons on it however do nothing and would likely require the installation of the scanbd package and manual fiddling with configuration files.

Canoscan LiDE 210

Autodetected, Yast offered genesys driver. By installing Xsane-package Lide 210 can be opened on the desktop. It works fast on all offered features. Tested on o.S.12.3 and 11.4 evergreen. Lide 210 doesn't have an external power-supply. So it might not work properly within an internal network with long USB connections. Direct connection to the machine by the delivered cable makes it reliable.

The same applies for oS13.1 (Dec.2013)

Canoscan LiDE 220

Works after upgrading sane-backends to version 1.0.25 from the openSUSE Graphics Project. As of October 2016 the main repositories for openSUSE 13.2 and openSUSE Leap 42.1 have sane-backends version 1.0.24. To upgrade, go to software.opensuse.org and search for “sane-backends” → “Show other versions” → “Show unstable packages” and then select version 1.0.25 (or later) from the “graphics” project.

Pixma MP160

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png on openSUSE 11.2, works without proprietary drivers.

Pixma MP190

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png on openSUSE 11.2, otherwise requires Canon proprietary software or sane-backends >= 1.0.20

Pixma MP250

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png

Canon offers drivers on their website. However, even with them, most of the time scanning fails (the scanning application freezes and throws an I/O error).


Epson Perfection V330 Photo

Installed and used on OpenSuse 11.4 32-bit using Epson AVASYS Software Iscan. Autodetected: Icon-checked.png.

Epson Stylus SX425W

All in one device, installed and used on openSUSE 15.0 (and 42.3 previously), with WiFi access. For the printer, add a network printer with YaST (you need to know the IP address and select the SX420W model). For the scanner, the epson iscan driver must be installed manually. Then, edit /etc/sane.d/epkowa.conf file to add the IP address of your scanner e.g. net Then, open YaST scanner module: select the SX420W model, with epkowa driver.

Epson Stylus Photo RX425

All in one device, Installed and used on Open SUSE 10.1. Scanner autodetects and sets up as RX425. Works well with Kooka and Sane.

Epson Perfection 1260 Photo

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png, 11.0 32-bit using Epson AVASYS Software Iscan, xsane, kooka. Had to add regular user to group lp. Autodetected: Icon-checked.png, 11.1 32-bit using Epson AVASYS Software Iscan, xsane. Had to add regular user to group lp for xsane to work. Had to edit word "epkowa" to the /etc/sane.dll/dll.conf file for Iscan to work. Still do not have kooka functioning. Epson Perfection 1260 Photo is ID 04b8:011d.

Epson Perfection 1660 Photo

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png, 10.3 & 11.1. Should work w/ both SANE or the proprietary ISCAN, although ISCAN was not fully explored for testing perposes.

Epson Perfection 2480 Photo

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png, 10.2 using Epson AVASYS Software Iscan, Diascan not working. Autodetected: Icon-checked.png, 11.1 using Epson AVASYS Software Iscan, Diascan working

Epson Perfection 3590(3490) Photo

Icon-checked.png 10.3, 11.0, 11.1 Note choice of running SANE (scansnap backend) or ISCAN (proprietary) - choice of functionality.

64bit/32bit system and sane: You can use the SANE drivers - snapscan backend - to run scanner under 32bit and 64bit mode. Some functionality is missing - film scanner for example and button control.

32bit iscan package: You can download from Epson AVASYS (and YAST) 32bit drivers and ISCAN program to run scanner under 32bit. More function, but requires a proprietary 32bit binary (supplied in package) and firmware (also part of YAST or AVASYS).

64bit system with iscan package - this will not work. To work under 64bit systems install the 32bit compatible libraries. Then Iscan will run. This works, but I experience random communication fails with iscan, scanner requires restart.

64bit system with iscan package & SANE : SANE will not find the scanner. Workaround - copy over 32bit built sane files (e.g. scanimage, xsane) and run these files in 32bit mode.

64bit system with 32bit iscan package and VueScan  : You can use VueScan (company hamrick - paid software) to run in 32bit mode (under 64bit), but it also supports button control and doesn't randomly break.

Epson Perfection 4490 Photo

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png, 10.2 using Epson AVASYS Software Iscan, negatives and positives working, software much less comfortable than Windows unfortunately. Autodetected: Icon-cross.png on 11.1, not working with Epson Avasys software. Not autodetected on 11.2.

Epson Perfection V10

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png, openSUSE 11.0 using Epson/Avasys software iscan (not working with original, i.e. openSUSE iscan!), 64-bit not work. Applications for scanning: iscan or (x)sane are OK, Kooka are OK.

Epson Perfection V200 Photo

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png, openSUSE 10.2, 11.0 using Epson/Avasys software iscan (not working with original, i.e. openSUSE iscan!). Applications for scanning: iscan or (x)sane are OK, Kooka doesn't see the scanner (not tested why).

Download official drivers from Epson Download Center:

Core package&data package: http://download.ebz.epson.net/dsc/du/02/DriverDownloadInfo.do?LG2=NL&CN2=&DSCMI=36159&DSCCHK=be0537f3a005d3034361422363764d79a7640acd

Iscan plugin package: http://download.ebz.epson.net/dsc/du/02/DriverDownloadInfo.do?LG2=NL&CN2=&DSCMI=15837&DSCCHK=0ba89d7393eb13dd406761b2f17d534dadcbae1b

Epson Stylus DX4450

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png All in one device, openSUSE 10.3 using Epson/Avasys software iscan (not working with original, i.e. openSUSE iscan!). Applications for scanning: iscan (Didn't test others.)

Epson Perfection V500

Autodetected: Icon-cross.png works in openSuSE 11.0 and 11.4 using iscan from Avasys; (not working with openSuSE iscan!). Also, it only worked for root (same in 11.4). To get it to work for a user, had to


and note the libusb location, eg libusb:00x:00y, then chown and chgrp the file permissions to allow other users to use the scanner.

chown username /dev/bus/usb/00x/00y
chgrp usergroup /dev/bus/usb/00x/00y

Applications for scanning: iscan and xsane work well. Kooka still doesn't find the scanner, and skanlite gives a vertically compressed image.


Scansnap s510

Icon-checked.png 11.1 Works simply. SANE function full. (This is the ADF scanner)

Scansnap s300

Icon-checked.png 11.1 Works with xsane and skanlite. Firmware required (e.g 300_0C00.nal ) in "/usr/share/sane/epjitsu/". Change file name in "/etc/sane.d/epjitsu.conf" to firmware file name. "SCAN" button on scanner not working. Resolution max 300dpi. Duplex scan works if number of sheets set to "2" in xsane. (This is the ADF scanner)


HP Officejet Pro 8500 All-in-one Printer - a909a

Fully functional with OpenSuSe 11.3 (64 bit) and hplip-3.10.9.run from http://hplipopensource.com

Deskjet F380

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png - USB port, 10.2, 10.3, 11.0, 11.1, 11.2. All-in-one printer/scanner. Requires hplip.

Deskjet F4280

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png- USB port, 11.1, All-in-one printer/scanner. Requires hplip. Had to add regular user to group "lp" in openSUSE-11.1

Deskjet F4440

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png- USB port, 11.2, All-in-one printer/scanner.

PSC 1110

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png- USB port, 9.3 and later

PSC 1205

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png- USB port, 10.3, 11.0 and 11.1. HPtoolbox works fine.

PSC 1215

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png- USB port, 10.0

PSC 1315

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png- USB port, 10.0, 10.1, 10.2

PSC 1510

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png- USB port, 10.3, 11.0, 11.3

PSC 2175

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png, USB port, 11.0

OfficeJet 5610

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png- USB port, 10.2, 10.3, 11.1

OfficeJet n6010

Autodetected: Icon-cross.png- 10.3, 11.0, 11.1. No drivers, no support. Will work under vmware windows session (pass through USB). But otherwise None. (This is the ADF scanner)

OfficeJet 6110

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png- USB port, 10.3, 11.0

Scanjet 2200c

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png- USB port, 9.0 and later

Scanjet 3400c

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png- USB port, 10.0 and later

Scanjet 3570c

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png- USB Port, 10.0 and later

Scanjet 3970c

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png- USB Port, 11.0 front panels buttons don't work, but all else is ok.

LaserJet 3030

Autodeteccted : USB port and serielle port , 10.0 and later no Problems



Autodetected: Icon-cross.png- USB port, 10.2

Used gt68xx driver. Found firmware here: http://www.meier-geinitz.de/sane/gt68xx-backend/ Downloaded oslo3071b2.usb (firmware) from the above site, and copied it to the /usr/share/sane/gt68xx directory (and changed some permissions).


Phantom 636 CX

Autodetected: Icon-cross.png
Port: Parallel
Support: See Parallel port scanners

ScanMaker 4900

aka Medion MD42666
Autodetected: Icon-checked.png
Port: USB
No Linux drivers, does not work at all

Scanmaker X12 USL via SCSI

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png
Port: SCSI

Slimscan C6

  • See Microtek Phantom 636 CX scanner.


Be@rPaw 4800TA Pro II

Autodetected: Icon-cross.png- USB port, SuSE 10.0, 10.1, 10.2 has no Linux drivers, doesn't works.

1200 UB

Autodetected: Icon-checked.png- USB port, SUSE Linux 10.1 and openSUSE 10.2 both work perfect after setting up in YaST (just accept the defaults there)

1200 CP / 1200+ CP

Autodetected: Icon-cross.png- parallel port, works with openSUSE 11.1 and possibly earlier. Note that even if it sais "1200 CP" on the scanner, it may actually be an 1200+ CP. Change to 1200+ CP if you can only see a streched half of the scan.

ScanExpress A3 USB

Autodetected: Icon-cross.png

  • Scanner works fine, even YaST (Opensuse 11.4) doesn't list this 600dpi-modell as supportet.
  • Needs firmware A32fw.usb, look for example in the Windows-XP-directory /system32/drivers and copy it to /lib/firmware.
  • After this modify in the file /etc/sane.d/gt68xx.conf the chapter Autodetect Mustek ScanExpress A3 USB and add the 4 lines
    • override "ScanExpress A3 USB"
    • firmware "/lib/firmware/A32fw.usb"
    • vendor "Mustek"
    • model "ScanExpress A3 USB" and use Xscanimage.
  • You can complete the chapter with a line for color preset (afe 0x20 0x02 0x22 0x03 0x1f 0x04 )[2].


3600 series

Autodetected: Icon-cross.png- USB port, has no Linux (SANE) drivers, doesn't work.

4700 series

Autodetected: Icon-cross.png- USB port, 10.2, has no Linux drivers, doesn't work.