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Welcome to the Hardware Portal Edit
Nowadays you can buy PCs or Laptops shipping with openSUSE and Linux in general: http://linuxpreloaded.com

However, if you want to report the status of your existing PCs or its components, the following pages are useful. The openSUSE community records hardware compatibility with our distribution. Please share your experience, especially if you were able to solve a hardware issue. If a link to some device is red, that means we have no information about it yet. Please help by contributing what you have learned, or experienced about it.

How to add hardware information to the list?

The easiest way would be to use:

hwinfo --short

which will give some information about devices.

There are some other ways to obtain hardware information, often in a better format.

After you have data, you can post that as separate page in HCL namespace. Page title should be something like:

HCL:Dell Inspiron 545 (hardware)

Adding HCL: will keep hardware information away from direct wiki search, but it will be available trough HCL special wiki search or through the search box on this page.