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Hardware probe

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Check operability of computer hardware and find drivers.


Hardware probe (or hw-probe) is a project to simplify collecting of hardware devices operability information on Linux-powered computers.

The main purpose of the project is to gather hardware information in one place and help developers and users to collaboratively debug hardware related issues.

It is the new-gen replacement for the Smolt project with better navigation tools, database scalability, cross-Linux support, sanity operability auto-tests for devices and statistical analysis.


User's point of view

Make a hardware probe if something is wrong with the computer or device on board and share the probe link with the developers. All necessary system info and logs are included to the probe and available online by the probe ID/URL and no any additional feedback is needed.

Command line to make a probe:

   sudo -E hw-probe -all -upload


  Probe for hardware ... Ok
  Reading logs ... Ok
  Uploaded to DB, Thank you!
  Probe URL:

Developer's point of view

Receive a message with problem description and probe ID. Start debugging the problem immediately w/o the need to ask for any logs. All logs are already available in the probe.

The database is created automatically. You can search for interested devices on other computers to learn how to better configure the device.


Select and install an RPM package for your openSUSE distribution.

openSUSE Leap 15.4:

   sudo zypper addrepo hardware
   sudo zypper install hw-probe

openSUSE Tumbleweed:

   sudo zypper addrepo hardware
   sudo zypper install hw-probe

Another way is to use one of the universal packages: AppImage, Flatpak or Docker.


The following statistical reports are dumped to Github:


Private info is not collected. Moreover, it's safer to share your logs by hw-probe rather than share manually, because most private data is removed or hashed at the client side before uploading.

Warning: Please note that a 32-byte prefix of salted SHA512 hashes of MAC addresses and serial numbers are uploaded to the server in order to properly identify unique computers and parts. These are unlikely to be reversible.