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openSUSE Portal:13.1 Release information edit

openSUSE 13.1 is a former openSUSE release. For the latest, see the distribution portal.

Check out the Release Notes for 13.1 to see what was new.

Feature highlights edit

openSUSE 13.1 is...

Much effort was put in testing openSUSE 13.1, with improvements to our automated openQA testing tool, a global bug fixing hackathon and more. The btrfs file system has received a serious workout and while not default, is considered stable for everyday usage. This release has been selected for Evergreen support extending its life cycle to 3 years.
Networked This release introduces the latest OpenStack Havana with almost 400 new features; web server admins will appreciate the latest Apache, MySQL and MariaDB updates. Web developers benefit from an updated Ruby 2.0 on Rails 4 with improvements from core classes to better caching in the Rails framework; and the latest php 5.4.2 comes with a built-in testing server. End users can now mount Amazon S3 buckets as local file systems and use much improved Samba 4.1 with better Windows domains support.
openSUSE moves forward with AArch64, making openSUSE ready for development on the upcoming generation of 64bit ARM devices. 32bit ARM support has been heavily improved and a special Raspberry Pi build for openSUSE is available. This release also delivers GCC 4.8 with new error reporting abilities, the latest glibc supporting AArch64, C11 and Intel TSX Lock Elision, the new SDL2 and Qt 5.1, bringing QML and C++11 features to developers.
openSUSE 13.1 comes with much improved font hinting thanks to the new font engine in Freetype 2.5. YaST has been ported to Ruby, opening contribution up to a large number of skilled developers. In this release, ActiveDoc replaces and the majority of packaged documents in openSUSE, lowering the barrier to contribution.
New is accelerated video with VDPAU support in MESA and an optimized version of glibc for 32bit systems. Linux 3.11 includes work on 'page reclaim', maintaining performance during disk operations.
Desktop users will appreciate the Android devices integration in the KDE file manager, shell and in music player Amarok. Artists have to try out the new Krita improvements with textured painting, greyscale masks & selections and more. GNOME Shell introduces a redesign of the system status bar and Header Bars in many applications, making better use of screen space. Enlightenment now also has an openSUSE theme.
This release comes with a number of experimental technologies to try out. This includes preliminary Wayland support with Weston compositor in GNOME Shell and KDE Plasma Desktop as well as improved support for Ultra high-resolution in applications and shells. New is also the LightDM KDE greeter and a plasma NetworkManagement applet for testing.

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Releases edit

Few Applications edit

This is an list of all featured applications provided by openSUSE.

Web & Internet

Web Browser

Full-feature and extendable:

  • Firefox is the default browser of openSUSE. Good choice for privacy and customization.
  • Chromium is the open source version of Chrome.
  • Tor browser can protect you tracking, surveillance and censorship.

Light weight:

  • Falkon is a simple and easy to use browser from KDE with built-in ad blocker.
  • Midori is a very light weight browser, perfect for old and low end hardware.
  • Lynx is a text browser running in console.


Please only use BitTorrent for legal purpose.
  • qBittorrent is a nice Qt BitTorrent client with powerful search plugin system.
  • Transmission provides both GTK+ and Qt user interface. It also has web and terminal clients for remote control.
  • WebTorrent Desktop can play video/audio torrents, without waiting for full download.

Instant Messaging


Game Manager

Windows Compatible Layer


PlayStation 1:

PlayStation 2:

PlayStation 3: