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Report & material
EU SP Open Source World Conference 12-13 Jan Grenada Unclaimed Booth
EU IT Cerea Fair 14th-15th Jan Cerea (VR) Marina Latini, Alexjan Carraturo Cerea Fair Booth at computer and electronics fair Cerea Fair report
NA CA CUSEC 19-21 Jan Montreal Canada Greg KH as keynote speaker Speaker
NA US SCaLE 20-22 Jan Los Angeles, CA Drew Adams, Chuck Payne Booth
EU BE FOSDEM 4-5 February Brussels Richard Brown Booth
SA BR Campus Party 2012 6-12 February São Paulo Alessandro de Oliveira Faria Wiki Cabelo Speaker Slide
EU DE EOSD 8 February Brussels Unclaimed Booth
SA BR Evento de Boas Vindas aos Alunos dos Cursos de Tecnologia do Unipê 10th February João Pessoa - PB User:Eduaraujo Booth DVD's
EU IT openSUSE Night 21th February Milano (MI) Alexjan Carraturo openSUSE Night Installation Party
NA MX DiSoL 22 Feb Cd. Serdán, Puebla Agustín De La Palma Speaker
Africa NG programme 3 march Ile-Ife Oni Oladotun Awareness programme
EU DE CeBiT 6-10 March Hannover Unclaimed Booth
Asia India openSUSE Talk 7th March Manipal Suaurabhsood91 Wiki Link Speaker
NA US Northeast Linux Fest 17 March Worcester, MA Robert Schweikert Booth NELF 2012 Info
EU DE Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 17-18 March Chemnitz Kai-Uwe-Behrmann, Marcel Richter, Jan Krings, Sebastian Weiss, Klaas Freitag openSUSE:CLT2012 Booth
EU UK Floss Spring Conference 20-22 March Edinburgh Roger Whittaker Tabletop and banner, etc
EU DE Augsburger Linux-Infotag 24 March Augsburg Unclaimed Booth
SA BR VOLDAY 3 24 March Rio de Janeiro Alessandro de Oliveira Faria Wiki Cabelo Speaker Slide
NA US FSF LibrePlanet 24-25 March Boston, MA Unclaimed Booth
NA US POSSCon 27-29 March Columbia, SC Unclaimed
NA US Flourish2012] 30-31 March Chicago, IL Bryen Yunashko, Clint Burford, Shayon Mukherje, Mike McCallister openSUSE:Flourish_Chicago_2012 Booth + Presentations
EU BE Loadays 31-March -- 1-April Antwerp Booth
EU SP Concurso Software Libre 2-17 April National, Spain Unclaimed Booth
NA US Linux Audio Conference 12-15 April Palo Alto, CA Drew Adams, Peter Linnell Booth
NA US Indiana Linux Fest 13-15 April Indianapolis, IN Bryen Yunashko, Patrick Shanahan, Matt Dominian, Don Vosburg ILF Booth + Presentations
NA MX FLISoL April 26th Comitán, Chiapas Mario García FLISoL 2012 Comitán Installfest
NA US Penguicon 27-29 April Dearborn, MI Unclaimed
NA PA FLISoL 28th April Panama, PA amonthoth Presentation Promo buttons, stickers, ISOs
SV El Salvador FLISOL 28th April San Salvador cheperobert Conference, presentations, broschure DVD's
CA Guatemala FLISOL 28th April Quetzaltenango konelix Install Fest+Conference+broschure DVD's
SA CL FLISOL 28th April Santiago Lincoyán Palma Conference, presentations, broschure
SA BR FLISOL 28th April Palmas-TO luizmachado Presentation + Install Party DVD's
SA BR FLISOL 28th April Salvador-BA Rauhmaru FLISOL 2012 - Salvador Presentation + Install Party DVD's
SA BR FLISOL 28th April Indaiatuba - SP Mingomax FLISOL Indaiatuba Presentation + Stand + Install Party DVD's
NA US Linux Fest Northwest 28-29 April Bellingham, WA James Mason, Brandon Fouts, Michael Miller, Bryen Yunashko, Jos Poortvliet Booth + Presentations
NA MX FLISoL May 2nd-3rd Tapachula, Chiapas Mario García FLISoL 2012 Tapachula Installfest
NA US UTOS 3 - 5 May Orem, Utah Stephen Shaw, AlanClark, anditosan, Drew Adams, Craig Gardner
EU AU Linuxwochen Wien 2012 3-5 May Wien Unclaimed Booth + Presentations
NA US GSLUG 12 May Fremont (Seattle) WA Brandon Fouts putting Linux on ZipIt Z2
NA US Open Source Business Conference 21-22 May San Francisco, CA Possibly Peter Linnell Booth
EU DE LinuxTag 23-26 May Berlin User:Jospoortvliet LinuxTag 2012 Booth
NA MX openSUSE Install Fest 2 Jun Querétaro, Querétaro Agustín De La Palma
EU FR Rencontres des Solutions de Sécurité et d'Informatique Libre 2012 2 and 3 June Maubeuge User:galagann Booth + talks Poster and DVD
NA US Southeast Linux Fest 8-10 June Spartanburg, SC Bryen Yunashko, Drew Adams, Kurt Brust Booth
AS China GNOME:Asia 2012 9-15 June Hong Kong, China
EU FR Solutions Linux 19-21 June Paris User:Guillaume_G openSUSE:Solutions_Linux_2012 Booth + talks
NA US Open Source Bridge 26-29 June Portland, OR Brandon Fouts Planning Cancelled Talks
EU ES KDE Akademy 30-June -- 7-July Tallin, Estonia Unclaimed Booth
SV El Salvador Cumpleaños comunidad openSUSE El Salvador 7th July San Salvador cheperobert conference
EU CH RMLL 7-12 July Geneva Unclaimed Booth + talks
NA US OSCON 16-20 July Portland, OR Alan Clark, Brandon Fouts openSUSE:OSCON_2012 OSCON 2012 Booth
SA BR FISL 25-28 July Porto Alegre-RS luizmachado, Mingomax, Izabel Valverde, Lulyis Booth + Presentations Posters + DVD's
SA BR Campus Party Recife 26-30 July Porto Alegre-RS/Recife-PE Izabel Valverde Presentations Roundtable
NA US Texas Linux Fest Aug 3-4 San Antonio, TX Chuck Payne, Bryen Yunashko openSUSE:TexasLinuxFest_2012 TXLF 2012 Booth
NA US FOSSCon August 11 Philadelphia, PA Bryen Yunashko openSUSE:FOSSCON_2012 FOSSCON 2012 Booth + Talk
NA US GOSCON TBD Aug? Washington, DC Unclaimed Booth
EU SP GNOME GUADEC 26-July -- 1 August A Coruna, Spain Unclaimed Booth
EU DE FRoSCoN 24.-25. August Sankt Augustin, DE Johest Booth with Invis
AS Taiwan COSCUP 18-19 August Taipei Sakana openSUSE:COSCUP_2012 Conference,Booth
AS BR openSUSE 12.2 Release: Linux Beginners August 29, 2012 Campinas-SP Geraldo Barros [1] Lecture + Conference DVDs, T-shirts, Pens, Calendars & Stickers
NA US LinuxCon North America 29-31 August San Diego, CA AlanClark Booth
EU BE BRUcon 24-27 September Ghent, Belgium Unclaimed Booth + Presentations + Training
SV El Salvador SFD 15th September San Salvador cheperobert conference
EU IT SFD 15th September Quiliano (SV) Alexjan Carraturo SFD2012 Quiliano Speaker
NA US SUSECon] 18-21 September Orlando, FL Alan Clark, Jos Poortvliet openSUSE Summit eVeRyThInG!
NA US openSUSE Summit] 21-23 September Orlando, FL Everyone in the Americas! openSUSE Summit eVeRyThInG!
NA US Ohio Linux Fest 28-30 September Columbus, OH Bryen Yunashko, Jos Poortvliet, Don Vosburg openSUSE:OhioLinuxFest_2012 OLF 2012 Booth
EU FR Open World Forum + TBD September? Paris Unclaimed Booth
AF Tunisia OSS2012 10-13 September Hammamett Unclaimed Booth, Conference, presentations, broschure
AS Hong Kong SFDHK2012 15 September Yokohama kknundy DVDs, flyers Google+ photos
AS Japan LinuxCon Japan 6-8 October Yokohama Unclaimed Booth
AS Hong Kong GNOME 3.6 release party 6 October Yokohama kknundy DVDs, flyers, stickers
EU CZ openSUSE conference, LinuxDays 20-23 October Prague Everyone!!! The conference
NA US ARM TechCon 30-Oct -- 1-Nov Santa Clara, CA Andrew Wafaa Booth
AU AU OSDC TBD Nov? Canberra Unclaimed Booth
EU DE Erlangen Linux Tage Nov 3 Erlangen Unclaimed Booth
EU SP LinuxCon Europe 7-9 November Barcelona, Spain AlanClark LinuxCon Europe 2012 Booth
AS BR Palestra openSUSE 12.1 June 13 Campinas-SP Geraldo Barros [2] Lecture + Conference DVDs, T-shirts, Pens, Calendars & Stickers
EU AU LinuxDay 2012 Austria 24 November Dornbirn, Austria Booth + Talks