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The openSUSE Project will be at Indiana Linux Fest to provide a booth and give talks.

  • When - 13-15 April, 2012
  • Where - Indianapolis, IN
  • Website - ILF Site

Accepted Presentations edit

Please submit final presentation to ILF for review by 7-April

  • Create your own Samba/LDAP Domain - Don Vosburg
    • Saturday - 1:30 p.m. - Room 9
  • openSUSE: It's not just a distro! - Bryen Yunashko
    • Saturday - 2:30 p.m. - Room 10
  • Multiple Booting with openSUSE - Don Vosburg
    • Saturday - 3:30 p.m. - Room 10

Each presentation will have co-presenters.

Venue Informtion edit

  • ILF expects approximately 250 attendees
  • Booth reservations secured by Bryen Yunashko
  • Booth Sponsorship = $75
    • Electrical power will be additional $25
    • Payment to be submitted by Bryen Yunashko
  • Space = 8'x8' with standard 6' table
  • Six Event Passes available for Staff
    • We can take two more volunteers with free pass.
    • Any additional volunteers will have to pay for pass

Booth Setup edit

  • PromoDVDs requested by Bryen Yunashko 02-02-2012
  • Booth Banners (brought by Bryen Yunashko)
    • One 4x8 Backdrop Banner
    • One 2x3 Summit Banner
  • Round Stickers and Laptop Stickers will be provided
  • Two laptops for live GNOME/KDE Demonstrations
  • One 15" Digital Photo Frame for Booth Slideshow
  • Posters and flyers promoting openSUSE Summit to be distributed around venue
  • Additional marketing materials subject to availability

Event Report

Approximately 200 DVDs were handed out. The openSUSE booth was a great attraction. We were the only Linux OS vendor there. The other OS was PC-BSD. We were also the only vendor with a fully decorated booth and our position was right as you enter the exhibit hall area, so openSUSE was the first thing you see when you get there. Don Vosburg and Bryen Yunashko both gave great presentations. It's a smallish event, mainly local people. Not many major projects there. But a very enthusiastic crowd, nonetheless with lots of good topics discussed.

Some notes for future reference: - While ILF is a two-day event, the first day is primarily workshops and training events. Exhibit hall and general sessions is only open on the second day (Saturday.) Advise, next time, if you are able to arrive in Indianapolis early morning and return home same day in the evening, this will save on future costs. - We paid additional for electricity in order to power our laptops in the exhibit hall. But it turned out, we simply used wall outlets which was available to everyone. Advise next time if event is held in the same hotel, we do not need to pay for electrical charges.