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About Me edit

I’ve been using SUSE/openSUSE since 2005, firstly on my x86 home computer. I started to contribute to French translation of software, to the wiki and help for support on forums and mailing-list. When openSUSE started to work on ARM, I jumped in to help out and started to learn how OBS works and contributed to packages bootstrap and update. As I had/have couples of ARM boards/systems, I make them working with openSUSE.
Now, I am working to get and keep ARM (mainly aarch64) a 1st class citizen on openSUSE, which involves OBS works, but also openQA for in-depth testing!

See also

My french openSUSE page:

Contact edit

Misc edit

openSUSE on your board

Moved to openSUSE:openSUSE_on_your_ARM_board

Some ideas

It would be nice to:

  • Have a bootsplash (with openSUSE) in u-boot We have EFI/Grub2 now
  • Improve ARM pages on the wiki: WIP

Supported platforms

Moved to openSUSE:Supported_ARM_boards