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"Founding partner of the company OITI / NETi TECNOLOGIA since 1996. First contact with technology in 1983, when 11 years old, in the city of Bebedouro (interior of SP). Takes Linux seriously, researches and works with biometrics and computer vision since 1998. Experience with facial biometrics since 2003,artificial neural networks and neurotechnology since 2009. Inventor of CERTIFACE technology, more than 90 lectures given, 14 printed articles published,more than 8 million page views in the 120 articles published on Maintains open source projects and official linux packages"

Main Current Activities


Documents for openSUSE technology (Tips and Articles)


OpenSource projects developed with openSUSE technology:

  • OSVIACAM OpenSUSE Linux image for disabled people
  • OWASP-ZAP LIve OpenSUSE Linux image for PENTEST
  • OSAR OpenSUSE Linux image to work with augmented reality
  • LIMOBILE OpenSUSE linux image for iOS application development (with out MacOS)
  • Cool Meta Packages for beginners
  • OSMINER OpenSUSE Linux image to fight hunger with crypto coins
  • First image Leap 15.0 and Leap 15.1 at Amazon
  • Docker image Leap 15.0 and Leap 15.1 for Intel and PowerPC 64 bit plataform
  • Build Service repository:
    • home:cabelo
    • home:cabelo:biometrics
    • home:cabelo:desktop
    • home:cabelo:educatux
    • home:cabelo:games
    • home:cabelo:Manakin

Maintainer of official and unofficial Linux packages (openSUSE Build Service)

Development Contribution of Other OpenSource Projects:


More than 90 lectures given in Brazil and abroad on OpenSource


click here to enter the page focused on all works intended for the public developers within the open-source movement (Debates, lectures and other public events).

Main Subjects, Congresses, Lectures and Events

  • Xornadas do Software Libre
  • Xornada Galego Lusofonas
  • FISL Forum Internacional de Software Livre
  • Latinoware Congresso Latino Americano
  • LinuxCON (contato com Linux Torvald)
  • Campus Party Brasil
  • BITS 2012
  • Departamento de Pesquisa da Rede Globo Matriz
  • Programa ao Vivo TV Record
  • Google Developer Bus
  • Google I/O
  • Intel Software Day (Maragaret Burgraff VP Intel Mundial)
  • Acrefi Evento no mercado financeiro
  • Microsoft Round Table (Satya Nadella - CEO Microsoft)
  • Apresentação do Certiface no Microsoft Build
  • Dados Aberto na Saude 2017 (com Ministro da Sáude e Presidente Google Brasil)
  • Selecionado no Brasil para testes de Machine Learning no Super Computador Power 8 NVLink
  • II Congresso Latino-Americano de Inteligência Artificial

Main Technical Experiences:

  • Convolutional Neural Networks (since 2016)
  • Android Development (Native and Java since 2008);
  • Full-Stack Developer in C/C++ (since 2008);
  • Webservice Development (REST and SOAP) in C / C ++ (Since 2009);
  • Linux architecture / engineering developer (since 1998);
  • Artificial Neural Networks (since 2014);
  • Video processing in 3 dimensions (since 2011);
  • Neurotechnology - Emotiv EPOC EEG (since2012);
  • Development with API for Drone and video processing (since 2010);
  • Use of GPU (NVIDIA CUDA) for image processing (since 2009);
  • Android platform for computer vision (2008);
  • Experience with augmented reality (since 2007);
  • Image processing and use of real-time computer vision (since 2006);
  • Image scanning and GED (since 2003);
  • Facial recognition biometrics (since 2003);
  • Digital fingerprint biometrics (since 1998);
  • Experience with geo-processing (since 1998);
  • Experience with live video capture (since 1997);



General Publications


Printed Publications (Magazines)

Technical Columnist


"To all members of the open source community who take the HACKER SPIRIT seriously and use this force for the good, those who defend "FREEDOM OF INFORMATION", to those who have encouraged me since 1998 in my first contacts with Free Software, to the ones who sacrifice themselves to divulge information, to those who love their idealisms above capitalism and strive to make a better world without harming others. To all who defend these ideals, a BIG THANK YOU!"

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