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Saurabh Sood


Name: Saurabh Sood
IRC Nick: saurabhsood91
Email :
Twitter : saurabhsood91
Blog :

About Me

I have been an openSUSE user for the past two years, and it has become my distribution of choice. I have also started contributing to it, having become an ambassador, and member. I am a Google Summer of Code student for openSUSE for 2012, and wrote a new implementation for the 1-Click Installer with a spunky new interface and a better workflow. I also worked to develop Plasma Widgets for the Open Build Service. I am an an avid KDE user, and love its openSUSE implementation, which I consider the best. I prefer C++ or Python as my languages of choice, and am a fan of the Qt Framework.

Interested in

  1. Software Development
  2. Packaging
  3. Mobile Applications