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openSUSE:Summit Promotion Committee

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The Promotions Committee is responsible to promote the openSUSE Summit through marketing, artwork creation, social media and news releases. The committee relies on getting up-to-date information from other committees relevant to promoting the Summit in a timely manner.


Artwork Tasks

Please ensure all artwork is asap in our github repo!

  • Summit Logo (Anditosan did that already)
  • Posters - 11x17 format -- Anditosan
  • Flyers - 4x6 format -- Anditosan
    • Posters and Flyers will be distributed at events in US
    • Jos takes care of printing as soon as they are done!
  • Web Banners
    • For our Summit Website --artwork team
    • For Countdown banners -- Contact Yaloki for size formats
  • Collaborate with Tech Team for website design
  • Programs for the conference -- Anditosan
  • Facebook profile image -- Anditosan
  • Slideshow branding -- Anditosan

Social Media

  • Facebook
    • Create Event
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Register our event on FOSS calendar event sites

Make sure relevant news also reaches

  • openSUSE-Project Mailing List
  • openSUSE-Announce Mailing List
  • openSUSE News site
  • openSUSE Forums
  • encourage Summit teams to blog regularly on Planet


  • Ensure our contact list is up-to-date
  • Develop timely schedule for press releases

LUG/User Groups Outreach

Suggested list to contact in Florida. We should also include nearby states within driving distance. Maybe send each of them a package with stuff?

Pensacola Linux Users Group, Pensacola, Florida
Jacksonville Linux Users Group (JaxLUG), Jacksonville, Florida
GatorLUG, Gainesville, Florida
Linux Enthusiasts And Professionals, Inc., Central Florida
Melbourne Linux User Group, Melbourne, Florida
Florida Linux Users Group, Clearwater, Florida
Suncoast Linux Users Group (SLUG), Tampa Bay, Florida
Southwest Florida Linux Users Group (SWFLUG) , Ft. Myers, Florida
Palm Beach County LUG (PBLUG) , West Palm Beach, Florida
FLUX: The Florida Linux User Xchange, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Miami Linux Users Group (MIALUG), Miami Florida
Miami Linux User Group, Miami, Florida
Linux Users Group at UCF,

Please add more relevant LUGs here. Also, look into University user groups, CS and Engineering departments