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About Me edit

Hi, I'm Michael McCallister (but most folks call me Mike). I live in West Allis, a working class suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the US Midwest. I'm a writer by trade, and have been using SUSE Linux and its successors off-and-on since about 1999. Guess that makes me an old-timer.

In 2005, some months after Novell purchased SuSE, the folks at Sams Publishing asked me to write SUSE Linux Unleashed. It was a bit of work (Should I mention that when I started writing, the distro was at v9.2, and by the time I got done, v10 was out?), but the results were pretty good. I followed that up two years later with the first book with "openSUSE" in the title.

I'm a proud Member of the openSUSE Community!

Some other things to know about me:

Come visit my blog, Notes from the Metaverse.

I've made presentations to the WritersUA conference (on open source tools for technical communication) and the Madison LUG. I've started to become a decent speaker.

Contact edit

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