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openSUSE:Summit Program Committee

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Committee Members

The Program Committee handles the general review and scheduling of events within the openSUSE Summit. These include defining the hours of operations for all daytime/evening sessions and creating a CFP process for speakers. The committee shall interface with other committees to ensure communication and resource availability.


Daytime Program Notes

Registration + CFP Submissions

  • CFP's will be submitted via Indico, same as we did for openSUSE Conference. A event creation is currently being configured
  • Registrants signed up by September 15 will be able to attend SUSECon on September 21.

Scheduling Format Proposal

Friday September 21 9:00 - 12:00 SUSECon sessions and keynote
Friday September 21 15:00 - 17:00 openSUSE Event sessions
Friday September 21 18:00 - 22:00 openSUSE Event Evening Celebration
Saturday September 22 9:00 - 15:00 openSUSE Event Keynote and Sessions
Saturday September 22 18:00 - 22:00 openSUSE Event Evening Party
Sunday September 23 9:00 - 14:00 openSUSE Event Sessions
Sunday September 23 14:00 - 15:00 openSUSE General Wrapup Session


  • Set up Indico - Alan Clark, Klaas Freitag, Bryen Yunashko
  • Determine Committee communication
    • Currently awaiting Mailing List creation by SUSE MTA Agent
  • Determine Milestone Dates
    • See Milestone Section
    • Work with Promotions Committee to ensure sync

Milestone Dates

  • 23-March - Lock in track names and definitions
  • 30-March - Announce CFP submissions are now open
    • Website and Indico must be ready by this date
  • 15-June - CFP submissions close
  • 16-June to 22-July - Team evaluates submissions and acceptances
  • 23-July - Formal announcement of Summit Program schedule
    • If we can complete earlier than July 23, even better!

Target Audience

Proposed Target statement:

"The openSUSE Summit aims to bring together the community in the Americas region to colaborate, meet new people, and provide an open and inviting atmosphere for those interested in open source."

Program Committee needs to determine the target audience and the tracks to include in the program. Some thoughts:

  1. a great opportunity to fly in folks from Central America, Mexico and Canada, not just focused on US.
  2. appeal for new contributors who are in florida to join just for this event
  3. more of the uber-techs are in EU than in US
  4. who would a marketing event speak to? susecon attendees staying on? press? suse fans who are not contributors?


openSUSE Community

The openSUSE Community track provides information and discussion around the openSUSE community. Topics include but are not limited to
* Project governance and organization
* How can we improve and evolve as a growing community
* What is the task of an Ambassador and how to get involved

openSUSE Tech

The openSUSE Tech track provides information, discussion, and hands on experience with the technology that makes openSUSE tick. Topics in this track include, but are not limited to
* The openSUSE Factory development model
* Packaging hands on
* Wiki editing help
* What is OBS and how do I use it
* Tools of the trade of the Artwork team

open World

The open World track provides a platform to present your project, or listen to the interesting things our sponsors want to share. Topics in this track may cover Demos and HowTos, FOSS project introduction, or other interesting topics from areas such as the "Maker movement".

Evening Events Notes

Suggested Ideas

Note, this needs people to handle event planning and ideas

Two nights available for Evening Events. Some suggested ideas:

  • BBQ Cookout Faceoff between Jos Poortvliet and Chuck Payne
  • Trip to Beach
  • Evening DJ
  • Speedy Geeko
  • Post-Summit trip to local attraction


  • To be determined when volunteers claim Evening planning.

Upcoming Meeting(s)

01-March-2012 Program Committee Meeting transcript