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openSUSE:Release process

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This page aims to describe the release process. As with anything on a wiki, it is in an eternal WIP state. You can read a more detailed information about openSUSE/factory Development process.

Release Process

After Beta the Release Team decides to split off Factory into the release. From that moment on, Factory is maintained by the release team based on the submit requests to Factory. A blog and link to a video describing the process can be found in the openSUSE Team blog.

Planning and coordinating

For the Public Release Phase, we have created a specific wiki page for coordinating efforts: Public Release Action Plan.

However, most of the planning currently takes place on, your project planning tool (redmine based).

openSUSE Release Road Map

There is a wiki page that contains the release road map. Please visit it for further details Roadmap.

Release process teams

How to contribute

If you have general questions, please join the following channels:

so other community members will point you in the right direction.

This is a common effort that will help us improving the Release Process in the near future, so we can deliver the best possible openSUSE. Get involved in any of tasks you find on the release tools github repo, progress or other ones you might create.

openSUSE Public Release Phase Action Plan

The above documentation is being used in openSUSE release process. In order to collect and coordinate the actions involving community members, the Public Release Phase Action Plan has been created. This table contains some of the major tasks in which openSUSE community heavily participates. Some of them are missing or incomplete so please feel free to add them or correct them.

Release Process Action Plan

  • Complete the plan with many action/tasks done and coordinated by community members.
  • Associate times and dates to every phase/milestone/action/task (time-line).
  • Enumerate, structure and describe the tasks for each action.
  • Identify coordinators and point of contact for every action described in the release process description.

Organization chart

  • Include the community teams and contributors involved.
  • Contact point for every community team/coordinator involved.
  • Add SUSE employees involved in release process phases not covered in the current documentation.

You can read a more detailed information about openSUSE/factory Development process.