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Heroes Team members are people helping the project with all system administration related tasks. It consists of people with skills ranging from generic Administrators over to Storage and Network experts.

In short: the team helps the openSUSE community make their ideas and dreams come true.

Check out videos of past openSUSE Conferences where we give more details about the Team and the openSUSE infrastructure and services: oSC13 oSC15 oSC16 oSC17


As team we communicate over a lot of channels. Mostly mailing list and IRC.

System Administration

One of the main areas of work for the Heroes Team is the system administration of the infrastructure for openSUSE. Here is a short list of so called projects, that need our help:


Each individual team member has also some duties. Beside the regular team meetings (online on IRC or in person) where we discuss important topics occurred during the last meeting, everyone has some special tasks and areas of interest (others call it: hobbies).


Image Name Freenode nick Blog Email

(add behind the @)

Area of expertise
default_profile_normal.png Markus Rückert darix darix@ Package review, openSUSE infrastructure
caption Theo Chatzimichos tampakrap tampakrap@ openSUSE Infrastructure, configuration management
Christian Boltz cboltz - cboltz@ Admin for English Wiki
Sarah Kriesch AdaLovelace - sarah.kriesch@ Admin for German Wiki
Thorsten B. thomic TBro@ openSUSE Infrastructure, SaltStack, Hardware wishlist
Per Jessen pjessen per@ mailing list manager, mirror infrastructure
Ioan Vancea IonutVan IonutVan@ ~ to be assigned ~


You want to contribute to our openSUSE infrastructure? Contact us via IRC or at the mailing list.

Check the list of teams to learn more about which teams exist in the project.