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About Me edit

I am a Linux user running most of my desktop/laptop machines and a few servers with openSUSE.


Member of the openSUSE Testing Core Team to better the overall software quality.

Short Biography

  • 1977 born in Berlin
  • 1998 start studying computer science in Berlin
  • 1999 first Linux (SuSE 6.1) install
  • 2002 got wife+son
  • 2003 create own SuSE (7.3/8.2) LiveCDs with selfmade translucency LKM
  • 2005 start running own servers and User-Mode-Linux VMs with SuSE
  • 2005 finish studying ; start work at MikroM
  • 2009 join openSUSE Testing Core Team
  • 2010 code automated install testing
  • 2010-11 started working for SUSE in Nuremberg
  • +made openQA

Contact edit

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Contact info: