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The openSUSE review team strives to increase the quality and security of openSUSE packages.

Mission statement

Proposal: The openSUSE review team strives to increase the quality and security of openSUSE packages.

High Level Guidelines

  • The openSUSE review team provides independent review of changes:
    • It should be obvious that reviewers do not review their own submissions. Submit requests should always get reviewed by someone who had not changed the source.
    • Members of the release team are not allowed to do factory reviews.
    • Members of the openSUSE review team should always have an eye on these wiki pages and take part at the regular "openSUSE review Team Meetings" to stay informed about latest changes.
  • Submissions to Factory have to be of high quality and should not comprise the security of build systems and users systems:
    • We want to ensure that packaging follows the best practices to be found in the packaging portal.
    • Security reasons. Opening/introducing (possible) security problems are always a reason to decline a request.
    • All submitted packages build against openSUSE:Factory
    • A reasonable description why a package update is needed or why a new package should be added. See HOWTO write good changes
    • A declined request without any changes should not be accepted by another openSUSE review team member without further communication with the former reviewer.
    • In general: documentation and communication is a key feature for all changes. The better a packager informs the reviewers, the better the reviewers can decide about changes.
  • The reviews are done in a friendly and constructive manner.
  • The team will apply as much unified spec file writing style as makes sense.

Meeting agendas and minutes

  • tool support for decline handling
  • how can we ask back to packagers?
  • creation of a wiki page with common texts and references
  • conflict resolution handling
  • do we need a team mailing list?


Changes for next announcement

openSUSE review team members

Member List in OBS

Mailing lists

You can reach just the team via the review-team mailing list where we coordinate our work. General discussions happen on these mailing lists: